poenskop, noun

Also poeskop, and with initial capital.
unchanged, or poenskops.
Afrikaans, South African Dutch, Dutch, Show more Afrikaans, earlier South African Dutch poenskop, poeskop a polled, hornless animal, or a type of fish, probably adaptation of Dutch potskop, butskop a species of dolphin or of fish, from pots, buts bump, boss + kop head; the spelling poeskop probably arose through confusion with Dutch poeskop ‘cat-head’.
1. A cow-elephant without tusks. Also attributive.
1860 A.W. Drayson Sporting Scenes 151Of all things mind cow-elephants without tusks; they are not common, but if you do come across a ‘poes-kop’ like this, ‘pas-op’ (take care).
1971 E.C.G. Marais tr. of E.N. Marais’s My Friends the Baboons 109Among gregarious animals there is usually a special leader...Among elephants this special function is entrusted to a ‘poenskop’ cow (a cow without tusks).
a. Either of two species of seabream of the Sparidae, so called for the shape of their heads: i. The red stumpnose (see stumpnose sense 2), Chrysoblephus gibbiceps. ii. The black musselcracker (see musselcracker sense 2), Cymatoceps nasutus.
1887 S.W. Silver & Co.’s Handbk to S. Afr. 182Chrysophrys gibbiceps...Poeskop...One of the choicest of colonial fishes.
1991 M. Holmes in E. Prov. Herald 8 Mar. 18Red Steenbras barely 15cm long, Red Roman even smaller, dozens of Poenskop under 2kg.
b. With distinguishing epithet:
blue poenskop, the black musselcracker (see musselcracker sense 2), Cymatoceps nasutus;
red poenskop, the red steenbras (see steenbras sense b), Petrus rupestris.
1981 E. Prov. Herald 25 Mar. 6There is great excitement in Plett/angling circles. For the first time in many years blue poenskop have been caught in the bay...Red poenskop have been caught..lately but the blue variety have become a rarity.
1981red poenskop: [see both of the prec. quots].
A cow-elephant without tusks. Also attributive.
The red stumpnosestumpnose2, Chrysoblephus gibbiceps.
The black musselcrackermusselcracker2, Cymatoceps nasutus.

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