stumpnose, noun

South African DutchShow more Translation of South African Dutch stompneus, see stompneus.
1. Any of several species of seabream (family Sparidae): a. (see red stumpnose, sense 2 below). b. (see white stumpnose, sense 2 below). In both senses also called stompneus (sense a), stump (sense a).
1838 J.E. Alexander Exped. into Int. I. 88Excellent fish are to be procured here; such as the delicious Roman fish, Hottentot, ‘Jacob Fever,’..stump nose, and clip fish.
1878 T.J. Lucas Camp Life & Sport 30The harbour abounds in fish, amongst which ‘Stump-nose,’ ‘Seventy-four,’..and other strangely named but well flavoured fish are pre-eminent.
1913 D. Fairbridge Piet of Italy 12The fishcarts were well on their way to Wynberg, the drivers’ horns..bringing every good housewife running to her gate to secure fresh elf or stumpnose.
1926 M. Nathan S. Afr. from Within 204The larger staple fish are silverfish, stumpnose, [etc.]
1970 S. Afr. Panorama JuneThere are actually quite a number of fish suitable for making bokkems...We concentrate on haarder, stumpnose, steenbras, elf (shad) and ‘doppies’ (small silver fish). Bokkems are also often made from marsbanker.
1990 Our Living World 11 Mar. 4Angling favourites such as white steenbras and stumpnose.
2. With distinguishing epithet:
red stumpnose, Chrysoblephus gibbiceps; Lucy; Miss Lucy; poenskop sense 2 a i; red stompneus, see stompneus sense b; red stump, see stump sense b;
white stumpnose, any of several species of the genus Rhabdosargus, especially R. globiceps; flatty sense 1; white stompneus, see stompneus sense b; white stump, see stump sense b.
In Smith and Heemstra’s Smiths' Sea Fishes (1986), the name ‘Cape stumpnose’ is used for R. holubi, ‘Natal stumpnose’ for R. sarba, ‘red stumpnose’ for C. gibbiceps, and ‘white stumpnose’ for R. globiceps.
1831 S. Afr. Almanac & Dir.January..Fish in Season. Hottentot, red Stumpnose, [etc.].
1872 C.A. Payton Diamond DiggingsHaving refreshed ourselves at a funny Dutch inn, we returned to Cape Town with a good appetite for dinner, at which we had a very excellent fish called ‘red stumpnose!’
1893 H.A. Bryden Gun & Camera 448Presently some bigger fish made themselves felt; these were the rooi stompneus (red stump-nose), a big, heavy-shouldered fish, vividly striped in red and silver.
1930 C.L. Biden Sea-Angling Fishes 169Little bands of anglers, not aware of the original names, have given ‘pet’ names to this fish...The red stumpnose is known as ‘Lucy’ by many anglers at East London and Port Elizabeth, Michael or Mighel at Knysna.
1977 Darling 8 June 118The stumpnose family make excellent steaming fish, and always remind me of my dear late grandmother, who was very choosy..and considered that a piece of steamed red stumpnose was the only kind of fish really beneficial to her delicate digestion, while the rest of the family were messily gnawing away at harder heads.
1984 Daily Dispatch 6 Nov. 13Sustained catches..had resulted in serious depletion of the stocks of species such stumpnose.
1880 C.W. in Cape Monthly Mag. II. Mar. 162As fast as I could haul them in, came up bouncing fat Hottentot fish, varied now and then by a grand white stumpnose.
1955 C. Horne Fisherman’s Eldorado 23When warm water comes to False Bay white stumpnose leave the shallows and do not return till the following winter.
1969 J.R. Grindley Riches of Sea 81Other common estuarine fish — the white stumpnose..and the white steenbras..are carnivores and feed mainly on the little crustaceans in the mud banks.
1981 Argus 29 Jan. 9Elf and white stumpnose have been extremely scarce this summer.
1992 Yeld & Gubb in Afr. Wildlife Vol.46 No.2, 201‘Angling’ species such as white steenbras, yellowtail, elf, kob, white stumpnose, dassie and belman.
(see red stumpnose, 2 below).
(see white stumpnose, sense 2 below). In both senses also called stompneus (sense a), stump (sense a).
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