plaasjapie, noun

Also plaasjaap, plaasjaapie.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, plaas farm + Japie see japie.
A yokel or country bumpkin. Also attributive, and figurative. See also japie sense 3, moegoe. Cf. stadsjapie.
[1949 L.G. Green In Land of Afternoon 178‘Plaas Japie’ of the Malmesbury wheat belt is a character you can tell at a glance, the product of generations of labourers who have worked on the same farms and grown wise in the ways of the district.]
1959 J. Meiring Candle in Wind 113I must take my doek off...It makes me look like a plaasjapie.
1978 L. Sampson in Darling 13 Sept. 29Why do all you people think we’re backward..I mean, to you city people, we’re just a lot of plaasjaaps. Farming is hard, man, that’s what you don’t understand.
1979 Daily Dispatch 6 Mar. 7Strife between Robben island prisoners..the Johannesburgers regarding the Pretorians as ‘plaasjapies’.
1979 Staffrider Apr.May 49They were rude to a ‘plaasjaapie’ who had the nerve to come onto the black side of the station.
1984 Fair Lady 11 Jan. 107She mocked me for being a ‘country bumpkin’ and ‘plaasjaap Sarel’.
1986 Style Dec. 41Everything that went wrong with the country one blamed on the damn plaasjapies in power.
1987 B. Khumalo in Drum Aug. 26In the townships they call us Plaas Japies, moegoes, zaos and other derogatory terms. They seem to think that everything that is good is from the cities.
1988 M. Britz Informant, GrahamstownTheir house (double-storey) is absolutely charming. Everything that opens and shuts, gadget and appliance-wise. I feel like a plaas japie.
1988 D. Turpin in Star Tonight 20 May 16To any charge that tastewise I am just a ‘plaasjapie’, I can only reply — ‘a silly comment, for if a plaasjapie can enjoy good red beef, why not good red wine?’
A yokel or country bumpkin. Also attributive, and figurative.
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