stadsjapie, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, stads- combining form of stad city + japie see japie (formed by analogy with plaasjapie).
A city-dweller; one ignorant of country ways. Cf. plaasjapie.
1970 A. Palmer Informant, King William’s TownStadsjapies know nothing about the country.
1980 C. Marais Rand Daily Mail 7 Oct. 5‘Why do you stadsjapies (city boys) come out here at this time of year?’ Tant Mart queried from under her Voortrekker sunbonnet.
1988 D. Hughes et al. Complete Bk of S. Afr. Wine 61This is not a world which is often seen or penetrated by the stadsjapies, the city folk who flock to the winelands in the golden height of summer.
A city-dweller; one ignorant of country ways.
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