placaat, noun

placaard, placaartShow more Also placaard, placaart, placart, plakkaat.
placaaten, placaats, placaten.
DutchShow more Dutch placaat edict, ‘placard’.
a. An edict or proclamation, especially as issued at the Cape of Good Hope during the rule of the Dutch East India Company.
[1731 G. Medley tr. of P. Kolben’s Present State of Cape of G.H. II. 66There is a Placard, publish’d by the Government, Laying a heavy Fine upon such Europeans as shall knowingly retain in their flocks a rotten or scabby Sheep.]
1796 Van Ryneveld vs Brown & Spooner. 4The Statutes, Ordinances, and Placarts which were in Force in this Government, shall be observed in their full Power and Validity.
1857 Cape Monthly Mag. II. Sept. 156When the Governor and the other gentlemen had bartered abundantly, he declared the trade open; but after a little time, this was again forbidden by placaat.
1862 Cape Stat. 5This Placaat, fixing the tariff of Stamp Duties on Public Instruments.
1907 T.R. Sim Forests & Forest Flora 43From historical records and from the Placaats mentioned in Chapter X, it is evident that parts of the mountain range of the Cape Peninsula were originally sufficiently well wooded to yield commercial yellow-wood planks and other valuable timber.
1910 D. Fairbridge That Which Hath Been (1913) 212During his Honour’s government no placaten, ordinances, laws or statutes have been framed or issued by his Honour and the Council.
1926 P.W. Laidler Tavern of Ocean 14One of the earliest Placaats or edicts of 1652 forbade any to roam more than a half-musket-shot away from the Fort...This placaat also forbade the use of lights of any kind in the huts by night or by day.
1934 Off. Yr Bk of Union No. 3, 1919 (Union Office of Census & Statistics) 467 (Swart)The Debt Register was established by a Placaat, dated the 19th June, 1714, and every ledger that has been used in connection therewith has been preserved.
1946 L.G. Green So Few Are Free 13The Council of the Dutch East India Company issued a ‘Placaat’ forbidding the importation of Malay slaves into the Cape.
1952 G.M. Mills First Ladies of Cape 15On recapture they had been condemned to work as slaves in irons for two years. One of the earliest placaats or edicts issued by Jan had decreed this punishment for deserters.
1968 E.A. Walker Hist. of Sn Afr. 89The Company had to issue a special placaat to secure a small shipload of wheat, rye, barley, wine and tallow for Holland.
1984 R.C. Fisher in Martin & Friedlaender Hist. of Surveying & Land Tenure I. 70The community of free burghers were subject to the legislative Ordinances or Placaaten of the Governor of the Cape and those of higher authorities in the VOC hierarchy.
1987 S. Afr. Panorama Feb. 19The first borders of the district were proclaimed in a ‘plakkaat’ (government notice) dated July 19, 1786, which was signed by the governor on August 30, 1786.
1989 Reader’s Digest Illust. Hist. of S. Afr. 57In 1732 a placaat (proclamation) was published to express the Company’s concern..and also to announce that the annual sum payable for a leningplaats would henceforth be doubled.
b. An official notice for public posting or reading.
1920 R. Juta Tavern 174They are going to hang up the Plaacarten in the Heerengracht to-night — and — and — those awful things are going to be written on them.
1926 P.W. Laidler Tavern of Ocean 52This was the centre of all official life, both social and work-a-day. From its raised steps placaats were read, and sentences on criminals promulgated.
1941 N. Devitt Celebrated S. Afr. Crimes 5The ex-sergeant, after posting the ‘placaat’ on the wall of the church building, rode off with his followers...That evening a wind sprang up and the ‘placaat,’ loosened from its fastening, blew from the church wall across the furrow which skirted the churchyard.
1957 L.G. Green Beyond City Lights 190Even at Stellenbosch the burghers tore down placaats and other orders so that they could plead ignorance of unpopular laws.
1969 I. Vaughan Last of Sunlit Yrs 50De Kat, the place where the Burghers, two centuries ago, had pasted their placaats and read their announcements.
An edict or proclamation, especially as issued at the Cape of Good Hope during the rule of the Dutch East India Company.
An official notice for public posting or reading.
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