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I. Rural.
1. Obsolete except in historical contexts A smallholding or farm. a. An area of land granted in 1820 to a group (or ‘party’) of British settlers on the eastern frontier of the Cape Colony, and divided up for individual possession; party sense 2. b. The farm granted to an individual settler (or settler family) from the party’s land.
1820 G. Barker Journal. 17 Apr.Mr Bailey’s party left the Bay for their location.
1820 E.S. Pigot Journal. 25 Dec.The D[algairn]s went to Mr Bailey’s location to a dance.
1827 G. Thompson Trav. 171Many families were..reduced to great distress...They naturally clung to their own locations; for..they were all that remained to them of property.
1835 C.L. Stretch Journal.The Govt had to issue a Proclamation forbidding Settlers to leave their Locations without a written pass signed by the Landdrost.
1870 H.H. Dugmore Reminisc. of Albany Settler 9But now to return to the first arrival ‘on the location’. It was a forlorn-looking plight in which we found ourselves, when the Dutch waggoners had emptied us and our luggage on to the green-sward, and left us sitting on our boxes and bundles.
1870 H.H. Dugmore Reminisc. of Albany Settler 9 [see pass sense 1].
1876 T. Stubbs Reminiscences. 11After the Settlers arrived on their Locations, they were not allowed to go to Town without a pass except the heads of Parties.
1936 Cambridge Hist. of Brit. Empire VIII. 237Ox-waggons were hired from farmers..to convey the settlers to the locations which had been allotted to them.
1948 H.E. Hockly Story of Brit. Settlers of 1820 59The Settlers..were literally dumped down on the locations.
1963 R. Lewcock Early 19th C. Archit. 145After December 1821, when those settlers who wished to were at last permitted to leave their locations and to settle in the near-by towns, crafts were established.
1970 Cape Times 7 Sept.When the Settlers arrived..they found themselves shepherded into various ‘locations’ to provide a buffer strip against the Caffres...The word ‘location’ persists to this day, and its application is not all that different to its application to the Settlers, for they were indeed placed in position and told to stay put.
1988 P. Edgar in Personality 25 July 68The removing of all military protection from the Coombs Valley locations had allowed cattle theft to grow alarmingly.
c. transferred sense obs. A small area of land owned or occupied by any group or individual.
1828 J. Philip Researches II. 253An industrious Hottentot..possessed a small location in this vicinity.
1833 S. Afr. Almanac & Dir. 191The population consists of a mixture of Bastards and Hottentots, who are divided into about 60 parties, each of which has a distinct location allotted to it.
1837 J. Ayliff Journal. 19 Aug.I found it (sc. Fort Beaufort) in a state of the greatest excitement and confusion, arising from the forcible removal of the Fingoes from their Locations.
1841 B. Shaw Memorials 243If government give them any thing like protection, the location of the Clusie River will soon become a fruitful village.
1843 Cape of G.H. Almanac & Annual Register 344A tract of land situated on the S side of the town has been divided into 24 locations occupied chiefly by labourers of Hottentot descent.
d. historical. An area of land on a farm, set aside by the farmer for his labourers to occupy and cultivate. Also attributive.
1843 J.C. Chase Cape of G.H. 253One extensive wine-merchant possesses a good farm, several small locations, 2500 wool sheep, 150 cattle and two waggons.
1894 E. Glanville Fair Colonist 209That is what our politicians ask us to do when they amended the Location Act...They will not have native locations on private farms.
c1953 P. Abrahams Return to Goli 18Each house stood in a small piece of fenced-off land. And the land belonged to the farmer for whom the people of the location worked.
1985 Platzky & Walker Surplus People 75Most of the Africans living on white farms were fulltime servants. Some were cash tenants or sharecroppers on what came to be known as ‘private locations’ — white-owned land given over entirely by its owner to African tenants.
2. Obsolete except in historical contexts Especially in Natal: reserve. Occasionally with qualifying word, rural location. Also attributive.
1846 Myson in Natal Witness 13 Mar.Presuming that it is the intention of the Government to appoint them spots for permanent locations.., a land tax will be..reasonable.
1846 Natal Witness 10 Apr. 1Among other supposed disadvantages that may be anticipated from the Location System, will be the abstraction of the labouring population from the midst of those colonists who can now obtain their services at a moderate rate of remuneration.
1852 M.B. Hudson S. Afr. Frontier Life p.xiThe port of the Buffalo (East London) is situated in his (sc. Pato’s) location.
1855 W.C. Holden Hist. of Col. of Natal 176The plan of government devised was, to preserve the Natives distinct from the whites; and, for this purpose, large tracts of country were set aside, under the designation of ‘Locations for the Natives.’ On these Locations the Natives were to be collected, and governed by their own laws, through the medium of their own chiefs.
1856 G. Grey in Imp. Blue Bks Command Paper 2352–1857, 37Each tribe inhabits a separate district of country, called here a location.
1860 D.C.F. Moodie Letter. 31 Dec.The Lieut. Governor could not properly have allowed you to take that land in a locality which has long been said to be part of a Native Location.
1864 A Lady Life at Natal (1972) 36Close behind is a ‘kafir location’, a tract of country set apart for natives.
1875 D. Leslie Among Zulus 306Each tribe holds a title from the Government. The people, however, are at liberty to, and thousands of them do, reside on private property, if they prefer the locality, and can arrange with the proprietor. Much has been said against this system of locations.
1884 Cape Law Jrnl I. 333These cattle were registered by the Inspector of Locations, under the Native Locations Act.
1901 Natives of S. Afr. (S. Afr. Native Races Committee) 75A..similar system was prepared for the Glen Grey location. The land had been surveyed into thirty farms, each farm had its headman, and each four or five farms had a superior headman over them.
1909 Illust. London News (U.K.) 8 Jan.The 32 Native areas which equal 2421 square miles — are probably enough for the present; but eventually..will become what the Native Locations are in Natal.
1913 W.B. Berry in Hansard 5 June 3134Apart altogether from the locations, there were in his district natives who owned large farms.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 298Location, In Natal the term refers to certain large tracts of land which are firmly secured by Government to the natives. Each such ‘location’ is suitable for a population of from 10,000 to 12,000, and is the property of the tribe collectively.
1941 C.W. De Kiewiet Hist. of S. Afr. 74The Commission worked in the popular belief that Natal’s natives should be expelled northwards.., leaving behind only enough to satisfy the need for labour...It was an important achievement for the Commission to establish eight locations with a total area of 1,168,000 acres.
1948 O. Walker Kaffirs Are Lively 45Bokwe did not seek a practice in the cities. He returned to the location he had known as a child.
1969 Survey of Race Rel. (S.A.I.R.R.) 132The planning of rural locations (tribal areas)..involves the demarcation of arable, grazing, and residential areas; the fencing of grazing camps and provision of watering points.
1971 The 1820 Vol.43 No.10, 13My father, as Chief Inspector of Locations in Natal, had gone up to northern Zululand to settle a grazing dispute.
1973 M. Horrell Afr. Homelands 137After a rural location has been planned, the residents are persuaded gradually to move their dwellings to demarcated residential areas.
1979 Duminy & Adcock Reminisc. of Richard Paver 3All the countryside this side of the Great Kei River will..in all probability be divided into farms and locations, some of which will be peopled with its original possessors.
1989 Reader’s Digest Illust. Hist. of S. Afr. 155In 1846 a so-called Locations Commission was set up [in Natal] to explore a proposal..to establish ‘six or more locations, keeping them, if possible, a little way removed from the contaminating influence of the chief town and port’.
II. obsolescent. Urban.
a. township sense 2 a. Also attributive.
Occasionally used of a residential area for any group which was not white (see quotations 1903, 1956, 1977). ‘Location’ is now avoided by many, being replaced by ‘township’.
1880 E.F. Sandeman Eight Months in Ox-Waggon 31At seven o’clock at night the ‘curfew’ bell tolls. After that every kaffir found in the town, or away from his location, is put in ‘trunk,’ as the goal is denominated throughout South Africa.
1882 J. Nixon Among Boers 131The natives are not allowed to live in the town, but reside in a ‘location’ assigned to them outside it.
1899 B. Mitford Weird of Deadly Hollow 215For the rest, this important centre boasted a population of about four hundred persons — white, that is; for a squalid ‘location’ just outside the town proper, harboured as many more of every shade and colour.
1903 Lord Milner in Indian Opinion 4 June (Suppl.)Suppose for a moment that some great Indian aristocrat, some man of wealth and education,..were to come to live here,..would you insist upon his being sent to a location?
1908 M.C. Bruce New Tvl 12The coloured races have their own locations, customs and schools, and the laws regarding colour are very stringent.
1914 S.P. Hyatt Old Transport Rd 72The native population lived outside the township, in a filthy collection of hovels called the Location.
1922 S.G. Millin Adam’s Rest 67Sometimes Miriam took it on herself to visit the location. It lay, like an eruption, on the face of the hill. Not anywhere near the location was there a tree or any green thing planted by a living agency.
1942 Star 30 Dec. 5The death roll in the native riot in Marabastad location, near Pretoria,..has risen to 17.
1953 P. Lanham Blanket Boy’s Moon 33‘Is the Moruti staying in Johannesburg?’ ‘Yes, I stay at Orlando township — that big location we are now approaching.’
1956 N. Gordimer in D. Wright S. Afr. Stories (1960) 71He had accompanied Jake to a shebeen in a coloured location.
1968 Cole & Flaherty House of Bondage 54The term, ‘location’ is deliberate: Since the African is regarded as an abstraction, without status or meaning in society, his physical displacement is also defined vaguely, rather than in terms of an entity whose inhabitants have legal rights and real responsibilities.
1977 A. Roscoe Uhuru’s Fire 233Coloured locations are generally more salubrious than the infamous ghettoes of Orlando, Soweto and Marabastad.
1978 A.P. Brink Rumours of Rain 110You will be allowed to work in our industrial areas, provided you leave your families behind, you live in locations or in compounds, and you be excluded from performing skilled work.
1979 W. Ebersohn Lonely Place 64It was the standard South African pattern. There was no town that did not have its location close by. Without it where would the shops find delivery boys, or the coal-yard its labourers, or Mrs van Schalkwyk her kitchen maid?
1980 D.B. Coplan Urbanization of African Performing Arts. 434Location, Obsolete official and colloquial designation for an authorized African residential area.
1982 D. Bikitsha in Rand Daily Mail 14 Oct. (Eve) 5New styles and modes of living mushroomed all over locations before we called them townships.
1986 Learn & Teach No.3, 9If we give up, they will put us in a location. But we are farmers. You cannot keep cows in a location.
1988 E. Mphahlele Renewal Time 110It was a letter from the location’s white superintendent telling Karel that he would have to leave house No. 35 Mathole Street where he was known to live, and was forbidden from occupying any other house in Corner B as he was registered ‘coloured’ and should not be in a ‘Bantu location’.
1990 Weekend Mail 14 Sept. 7The first townships, known then as ‘locations’, were given names that were memorials to people — Sophiatown outside Johannesburg after the wife of a land developer; Lady Selborne beyond Pretoria for the wife of a colonial master, and kwaMashu in Durban is the Zulu corruption of Marshal, the name of the farmer who previously owned the land.
b. In the phr. location in the sky, see quotation 1967.
1957 D. Rycroft in Afr. Music Vol.1 No.4, 33Any evening of the week in Johannesburg, small groups of Bombing enthusiasts are to be heard rehearsing in hostel rooms, on balconies, in back yards or in the servant’s quarters at the top of luxury blocks of flats (nicknamed ‘locations in the sky’).
1968 Cole & Flaherty House of Bondage 92In luxury apartment buildings the servant’s quarters are usually built atop the flat roof — a double row of connecting cell-like rooms humorously referred to as ‘locations in the sky’.
c. comb.
location boy rare, see quotation. See also tsotsi sense 1. Cf. boy sense 1 b .
1963 Wilson & Mafeje Langa 22The townees or tsotsis are also called ‘location boys’.
A smallholding or farm.
An area of land granted in 1820 to a group (or ‘party’) of British settlers on the eastern frontier of the Cape Colony, and divided up for individual possession; party2.
The farm granted to an individual settler (or settler family) from the party’s land.
A small area of land owned or occupied by any group or individual.
An area of land on a farm, set aside by the farmer for his labourers to occupy and cultivate. Also attributive.
reserve. Occasionally with qualifying word, rural location. Also attributive.
township2 a. Also attributive.
see quotation 1967.
see quotation.
Hence locationized adjective nonce, placed in locations.
1971 Daily Dispatch 16 Oct. 8The Coloureds in the Kliptown-Eldorado are locationised with rows upon rows of bee-hive type homes, no sidewalks, dusty streets with dark streets.
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