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eina, interjection, noun, and adjective

aina, ehnaShow more Formerly also aina, ehna, enna, ijna.
Afrikaans, Khoikhoi, NamaShow more Afrikaans; perhaps from Khoikhoi interjections (of pain) + ‖ná (of surprise), or from Nama interjection /ei, nasalised in pronunciation; or see quotation 1934.
According to H.C.V. Leibbrandt (Het Kaapsche Hollandsch, 1882), the words aina, ina, inana, einá, and einaná all mean ‘mother’.
A. interjection An exclamation of pain.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 164Enna or Ijna, (Hot. *ē! Interj. of pain; *nā! Interj. of astonishment — each word has an initial click, the former the dental, the latter the lateral.) An exclamation of pain common in the Midlands.
1994 M-Net TV 8 Sept. (Egoli)‘That little girl — eina!’ ‘You can say that again!’
B. noun
1. Pain; a wound.
1971 Personality 24 Sept. (advt)First aid for cuts — without the ‘eina’. Sometimes treating your child causes more fuss than the actual wound.
1991 T. Baron in Sunday Times 5 May 27I had einas enough..without wanting to listen to what was bothering him.
2. combinations
Eina-taal, fanakalo;
eina tree, a species of Acacia; also called doringboom.
1972 P. Becker in Star 17 Mar. B6Some of the Fanakalo jargon is..discordant to the philological ear...I’ve even heard it called ‘Eina-taal’.
1983eina tree: [see doringboom].
C. adjective Painful.
1982 E. Prov. Herald 25 Aug. 24 (advt)Eina!! (But what the heck!) Giddy’s Eina Price R438,80. This Eina Week ends 4th September!
1989 Sunday Times 24 Dec. 11If there’s criticism of something I’ve written that I’m not so sure about..bliksem! It’s eina!
An exclamation of pain.
Pain; a wound.

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