eighthman, noun

In rugby: a number eight forward.
Positioning the number eight player at the back of the scrum apparently originated in South Africa around the time of the first World War, so it is possible that the name was introduced at that time.
1955 D.H. Craven Springbok Story 1949–1953 (2nd ed.) 10Eighth Men: H. Muller, B.J. Kenyon, A. Hummel.
1992 D. Retief in Sunday Times 17 May 29Eighthman Terence Stewart..scored.
1993 E. Grant in Weekend Post 13 Nov. 4Thirty years down the line, a former..rugby star still has a hard-working pack in front of him...The 1960s eighthman does not actually hitch up and work alongside his mules.
a number eight forward.
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