bush-tick, noun

Also bush tic.
EnglishShow more bush noun1 + English tick.
1. Any of several species of tick; bush louse.
1856 Cape of G.H. Almanac & Annual Register 283The most troublesome insect to man and beast is called the bush tick.
1988 J.S. Smith in Style May 58You might come across him engaged in the absorbing business of removing bush ticks from the back of his knees.
2. combination
bush-tick berry, the shrub Chrysanthemoides monilifera of the Asteraceae; its fruit; boetabessie; also called bietou.
1865 Harvey & Sonder Flora Capensis III. 436A large bush..the Colonial name is Bush-tick Berry.
1987 T.F.J. Van Rensburg Intro. to Fynbos 16The bush-tick berry or bietou..may sometimes provide extra colour with its bright yellow flowers.
Any of several species of tick; bush louse.

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