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bojalwa, noun

bajalo, boialloaShow more Also bajalo, boialloa, boïálloa, bojala, bojaloa, boyalwa.
seTswana, Southern SothoShow more seTswana bojalwa, Southern Sotho bojaloa beer.
Among seTswana- and Southern Sotho-speakers:
1. obsolete. honey-beer.
1824 W.J. Burchell Trav. II. 552They..possess the art of making a beverage..from honey and water put into a state of fermentation by the addition of a certain root or by the dregs of a former preparation. This beverage is called boïálloa by the Bachapins, and is well known to the Hottentots by the Dutch name of honing-bier (honey-beer).
1834 T. Pringle Afr. Sketches 509A sort of mead, called honey-beer by the Hottentots, and boialloa by the Bechuanas, is used both by these tribes and the Caffers.
a. tshwala sense a i. b.  tshwala sense b.
1826 A.G. Bain Jrnls (1949) 57We were invited to drink a beverage called Bajalo or Beer made from the Caffre Corn.
1990 G. Slovo Ties of Blood 143Around him are the remains of last night’s festivities — the half-empty plates of food and the formerly full bottles of bojaloa now drained to the last drop.
tshwalaa i. b. tshwalab.

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