bok, noun

South African Dutch, Afrikaans, DutchShow more South African Dutch (later Afrikaans), antelope, goat from Dutch bok horned animal.
1. Plural unchanged, boks, or bokke /-kə/.
a. An antelope: buck noun1 sense 1 a. Also attributive. See also bokkie sense 2.
1812 A. Plumptre tr. of H. Lichtenstein’s Trav. in Sn Afr. (1928) I. 133They called..the whole family of the antelope boks.
1993 C. Eden in Food & Home Aug. 138A good South African male can produce a braai anywhere on this planet; all he needs is a couple of sticks, a box of Blitz and an unsuspecting bok in a nearby bush.
b. With distinguishing epithets designating different species of antelope: see blauwbok, bleekbok, blesbok, bluebok, bontebok, boschbok, duikerbok, elandbok (eland sense 2), gemsbok, grysbok, klip-bok, pronkbok (pronk sense 1), quagga bok (quagga sense 2), rhebok, rietbok, rooibok, springbok sense 1, steenbok, vlaktebok (vlakte sense 2), waterbok. See also buck noun1 sense 1 b.
2. Plural boks, bokke /-kə/. A goat: buck noun1 sense 2. See also bokkie sense 2.
[1835 T.H. Bowker Journal. 2 JulyRow between the Fingoos & hottentots om bokke one man confined.]
1990 Barrett & Grant in Weekend Post 1 Dec. 1Angora rams..are drawing bids of only R70 at auctions, goats as little as R10...Prior to the auction a farmer said he would be ‘pleased to get R20 a bok’.
3. transferred sense.
a. slang. rare. A sweetheart. See also bokkie sense 1.
1950 H. Gibbs Twilight in S. Afr. 27If a woman becomes the bok of a petty gangster, she is regarded as more fortunate than many.
[1982 D. Bikitsha in Rand Daily Mail 14 Oct. (Eve) 5A woman went by such titles [in Isicamtho]: moll, cherrie, wibbit, ganda, slang, shows, gezu, bok, mathara and others.]
b. colloquial Pronounced /bɒk/. Also ’Bok, and usually with initial capital. Abbreviation of Springbok, see springbok sense 2 a. Also attributive.
With plural -s, often referring to the South African rugby team.
1970 Cape Times 30 MayHis grandson, Brian Lewis, is a baseball ‘Bok’, much to granddad’s pride.
1990 Weekend Post 30 June 3He went on to gain his Bok colours as a Northern Transvaal player.
c. slang. In the phr. to be a bok for, to be bok for, to be game for, or enthusiastic about.
1970 K. Nicol Informant, DurbanDespite the cold he was bok for a swim.
1990 Weekend Post 14 July (Leisure) 1The East Cape Game Management Association, always a bok for sport, decided to have a fund-raiser to coincide with its game fair.
d. slang. A hero; a masculine or athletic male.
1973 Y. Burgess Life to Live 16His dashing nickname he had bestowed on himself, she was sure, for he was not, never could have been, any young girl’s idea of a ‘bok’, or charmer.
1990 Frontline Jan. 23‘You’re too bold,’ said the youth, ‘and our future’s in hock If you try to enfranchise whoever. Maybe coloureds and Indians will say you’re a bok, But we don’t think it’s too bloody clever.’
An antelope: bucknoun1 a. Also attributive.
see blauwbok, bleekbok, blesbok, bluebok, bontebok, boschbok, duikerbok, elandbokeland2, gemsbok, grysbok, klip-bok, pronkbokpronk1, quagga bokquagga2, rhebok, rietbok, rooibok, springbok1, steenbok, vlaktebokvlakte2, waterbok.
A goat: bucknoun2.
A sweetheart.
Abbreviation of Springbok, see springbok2 a. Also attributive.
to be game for, or enthusiastic about.
A hero; a masculine or athletic male.

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