trunk, noun

South African Dutch
tronk sense a.
[1732 T. Philips in A. Churchill Collection of Voy. & Trav. VI. 215 (Gold Coast)Our factory..stands low near the marshes...Within is a long yard..also a storehouse, a trunk for slaves.]
1799 in G.M. Theal Rec. of Cape Col. (1898) II. 322If any Slaves shall be found in the street after dark without a Lanthern..they shall be lodged in the Trunk.
1816 R.B. Fisher Importance of Cape of G.H. 139By the laws of the Colony, a master or mistress is forbid to punish a slave, but must send him to the trunk or jail for punishment, by the fiscal or his men.
1821 W. Shaw Diary. 28 Oct.Preached to the prisoners about twelve in number, at the Trunk or prison.
a1827 D. Carmichael in W.J. Hooker Botanical Misc. (1831) II. 33The culprit shall be sent to the common trunk or prison, where he receives a certain number of stripes, according to the nature of his offence.
1835 T.H. Bowker Journal. 18 Oct.One woman put in the trunk, let out and put in [a]gain.
1840 J. Hare in Imp. Blue Bks Command Paper 424–1851, 52He (sc. Tyali) asked how it happened that the prisoners confined in our trunk, and at hard labour in our streets, were all Hottentots and black people.
1851 T. Shone Diary. 25 Oct.In the afternoon Old Bradshaw order’d the Constables to take me in charge, my nights lodging was In the Trunk.
a1858 J. Goldswain Chron. (1946) I. 27On they forth day late we rived at Uitenhage Trunk ware we ware deposeted in averey little sell: hear we ware fead with Bread Beaf and water.
1928 L.P. Greene Adventure Omnibus 53He was caught..and sent to trunk — for my sake he was punished.
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