stat, noun

staad, staatShow more Also staad, staat, stad, stadt.
Afrikaans, DutchShow more Afrikaans, adaptation of Dutch stad city.
A black settlement.
1. A traditional rural village or town: kraal noun sense 1 a.
1896 Daily News 28 Dec. 5The principal Stadt is in flames.
1897 R.S.S. Baden-Powell Matabele Campaign 14A native ‘reed-dance’ was going on in the ‘stadt’, as they call the native town.
1897 F. Macnab On Veldt & Farm 126The journey is 618 miles from Mafeking to the chief’s staat on Lake N’Gami.
1899 Mafeking Mail 1 Nov.The Colonel Commanding having made a careful inspection of the defences of the town and the native stadt, is now of opinion that no forces that the Boers are likely to bring against us could possibly affect an entrance at any point.
1905 W.H. Tooke in Flint & Gilchrist Science in S. Afr. 91These houses are not clustered in little groups like the kraals of the Kafirs, but form large towns or ‘stads,’..such as Kolobeng, Shoshong, Palachwe.
1913 Stat. of Union 446The Governor-General may make regulations for preventing the overcrowding of huts and other dwellings in the stadts, native villages and settlements.
1929 D. Reitz Commando 130Our first day’s trek brought us to the big native stad of a local chief named Koos X.
a1936 E.N. Marais Soul of Ape (1973) 95The visit of a trader to a stat was invariably followed by numerous deaths directly due to acute alcohol-poisoning.
1941 A.G. Bee Kalahari Camp Fires (1943) 63This is the only native stad (town or village) of any size on the southern side of the river until one arrives at Segomi’s Stad thirty miles north of Lake N’Gami.
1942 S. Cloete Hill of DovesGlossary, Stad, Village, town, or collection of native huts.
1948 O. Walker Kaffirs Are Lively 79Far more primitive were the one or two stads, or main kraals, of Bavenda chiefs like Rasengane.
1948 H.C. Bosman in L. Abrahams Unto Dust (1963) 52During the rest of the time that he remained head of the tribe, he would not allow a white man to enter his stat again.
1950 C. Bullock Mashona & Matabele 200The enormous aggregations known as ‘stats’ in Bechuanaland.
1973 [see hartebeest adjective].
2. An urban settlement: township sense 2 a.
Almost invariably referring to the settlement on the outskirts of Mafikeng.
1909 Lady S. Wilson S. Afr. Mem. 98The fine stand made by the natives when the Boers attacked their stadt, adjacent to the town.
1920 S.M. Molema Bantu Past & Present 283On May 13th the young Boer leader was right in the town of Mafeking with 300 men. He had effected entry by marching up the bed of the Molopo River.., which runs through the native staadt.
1935 R.S. Godley Khaki & Blue 73This attack was pressed home with great determination, the native staad just on the outskirts of the town..being captured.
1949 E. Hellmann Handbk on Race Rel. 535At Mafeking 200 Natives were enrolled to assist in the defence of the Native stad which was in the danger zone of the defences.
1957 D. Grinnell-Milne Baden-Powell at Mafeking 27A valuable prize: with its railway material and workshops, its well-filled stores, its cattle, its cash in the bank and its nearby native stad.
1968 L.G. Green Full Many Glorious Morning 191Mafeking..once a frontier settlement round a market now a flourishing town and railway depot with the Baralong stad a mile away.
[1987 Star 5 Sept. 11Snowy de Witt was told..that Casper was living in the kaffer stat with his wife Naledi and their little girl.]
A black settlement.
A traditional rural village or town: kraalnoun1 a.
An urban settlement: township2 a.
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