schloep, noun

Also schloop, shloop.
Probably a rendering of the sucking sound made by children as a response to a class-mate’s ‘sucking up’ to a teacher.
A toady or bootlicker.
1962 Informant, Port ElizabethThey think you’re a schloep if you help the teacher with anything.
1980 C. Hope A Separate Development (1983) 7An open, honest, anxious guy who’d begun life as a class schloep, a toady, before he’d come over to us, the bad eggs of the class.
1985 [see gat sense 1 b].
A toady or bootlicker.
Hence schloep intransitive verb, to toady, ingratiate oneself; schloepy adjective, ingratiating.
1976 J. Becker Virgins (1986) 41Vicky Reed was the sort who went to chapel often and shlooped up to the teachers, but was mingy to the new little kids.
1978 Blossom in Darling 15 Feb. 131So I tune him (all shloepy), ‘Ag keep yore shirt on, Bok-Bok man, what you take me for?’
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