gat, noun

Afrikaans, DutchShow more Afrikaans from Dutch, hole (plural gate); (vulgar) vent, anus (plural gatte).
Often used by writers to suggest Afrikaans dialogue.
1. A hole.
a. obsolete. rare. A large pool in a river.
1806 J. Barrow Trav. I. 209Some of the gats, or holes, of the Sea-Cow river were five or six miles in length, and deep enough to float a line-of-battle ship.
1847 J. Barrow Autobiog. Memoir 179We the Sea-Cow River...It is a chain of deep stagnant pools or gats.
b. Obs. except in place names: a depression in the ground, large enough to be considered a topographic feature.
1838 J.E. Alexander Exped. into Int. I. 45I crossed over, and with a guide, rode on in the dark, to the outspan of the waggon at Kalk gat, or lime hole, and found the people cooking and enjoying themselves.
1914 C. Pettman Notes on S. Afr. Place Names 14As the colony grew and education decayed, the farming element was deteriorated by the addition of a lower class of burger, and we can trace a corresponding rudeness in the place almost every district we have a superabundance of Doorn Hoeks, Modder Gats, Haasfonteins, [etc.].
1988 J. Deacon in S. Afr. Panorama May 44The Hell, as Gamkaskloof is popularly termed — the Boers called it Gatkloof (hole ravine).
2. slang. not in polite use Anus, ‘backside’.
a. Used in the obscene expletive interjections jou gat /jəʊ -/ [Afrikaans, jou your], used to express rage, disgust, or contradiction; se gat /sə -/ [Afrikaans, se possessive pronoun (his, her, their)], an expression of disbelief or contradiction; cf. se voet.
1968 M. Doyle Impala 20‘Father-in-law, se gat!’ Gideon choked over the obscenity. ‘I suppose you’d like me to call him Pappy as well next?’
1978 M.J. Mtsaka Not his Pride 8Make sure that it’s mixed with words from other languages. Throw in a few words like ‘jou gat’, ‘jou moer’ and so on. They’ll learn other languages quicker that way, neh?
1984 Dan in Frontline Feb. 27You’ve heard all that stuff about the ‘liberal tradition’ of the Cape,..right? Well, forget it. Liberal se gat.
b. combinations
gat-creeper, gat-kruiper /-ˌkrœipə(r)/ [Afrikaans, kruiper creeper, from kruip to creep], ‘ass-creeper’, sycophant, toady; cf. schloep noun; so gatkruip verb, to be obsequious, to attempt to ingratiate oneself; cf. schloep verb (see schloep noun); also attributive ;
gatvol /ˈxatfɔl/ adjective, also (occasionally) gaatvol [Afrikaans, vol full], absolute, or in the phrase gatvol of, extremely tired (of), bored or disgusted (with), ‘fed up (with)’ .
1985 P. Slabolepszy Sat. Night at Palace 12If there’s one thing I can’t handle it’s a gat-creeper. Bloody schloep. Up a ou’s arse.
1987 M. Maartens Ring around Moon 86I hate these cowardly traitors..these joiners..these gatkruipers.
1991 Fair Lady 8 May 63Gatkruiper, teachers’ pet.
1993 M. Hepburn in E. Prov. Herald 18 Feb. 4I had been called a ‘gatkruiper’ and was told I would be eliminated.
1989 A. Letoit in Weekly Mail 27 Jan. 23An Afrikaffer is somebody who isn’t afraid to throw a rasta out of his flat...It’s when you’ve got past the stage of gatkruiping blacks.
1990 R. Malan My Traitor’s Heart 211A few months back, he was on gatkruip patrollie, meaning ‘ass-creep patrol’...Ass-creep patrol is the hearts and minds aspect of riot control in South Africa.
[1980 Sunday Times 14 Dec. (Mag. Sect.) 5At Herold’s Bay..a defiant owner called his holiday home ‘Gatvol’. I wonder which members of an extended family drove him to that.]
1984 L. Shaw in Style Nov. 213Peter S— managed to resurrect himself for a few dances — after having pronounced himself ‘gatvol deluxe’.
1986 Informant, DurbanWe’re gaatvol of all these hassles.
1989 M. Brand in Fair Lady 25 Oct. 92Gatvol, Feeling of having had more than enough, often experienced after reading yet another article on acid rain.
1992 Financial Mail 13 Mar. 25These are doubtful voters who..worry about crime, about a declining standard of living and schooling, about job security, about their property and pensions...They are gatvol with De Klerk, the Nats, the communists,..Model C schools and suburban hijack murders...But the great flaw in the gatvol reasoning is that none of the things that are upsetting people will go away if De Klerk is ousted from power.
1993 T. Cobbleigh in Sunday Times 25 Apr. 21The Independent newspaper in London told its readers this week that South Africa’s whites were ‘gatvol’ over the recent violence. The word means ‘bellyful’, the paper explained helpfully.
1994 D. Capel in Sunday Times 25 Dec. 15Three years ago, Koos, then a staunch Conservative Party MP, was so ‘gatvol’ with the changes being introduced..that he plotted the government’s downfall.
A hole.
A large pool in a river.
a depression in the ground, large enough to be considered a topographic feature.
Anus, ‘backside’.
Used in the obscene expletive interjections jou gatjəʊ -, jou your, used to express rage, disgust, or contradiction; se gatsə -, se possessive pronoun (his, her, their), an expression of disbelief or contradiction; cf. se voet.
, ‘ass-creeper’, sycophant, toady;
, extremely tired (of), bored or disgusted (with), ‘fed up (with)’
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