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lappie, noun

Also lappy, and (formerly) lapje.
Afrikaans, DutchShow more Afrikaans (earlier Dutch lapje), (small) rag or cloth, lap + -ie.
a. A rag or cloth; a small piece of fabric or patchwork (cf. sense 2); lap sense 2. See also jammerlappie.
c1892 J. Widdicombe 14 Yrs in Basutoland 106I kept them rolled up in a lappie (old piece of rag).
1989 Informant, JohannesburgLook at this cloth, I washed it this morning and now it looks like a lappie; I’ll have to wash it again.
b. figurative. Anything resembling a piece of rag or patchwork.
1955 B.B. Burnett Anglicans in Natal 21On the small lappies around the lonely homesteads of the Dutch pastoralists, the cultivation of the soil began for the first time.
1990 S. Maxwell Informant, GrahamstownThose milk skins in coffee, I call them ‘lappies’.
c. comb.
lappie-legs, used to designate (one with) an un-coordinated gait, or very thin or gangly legs;
||lappie-pop [Afrikaans, pop doll], a rag doll;
||lappieskombers [Afrikaans, kombers blanket, cover], a patchwork quilt; also figurative;
||lappies smous [Afrikaans, smous see smous noun], a rag man.
1973 Informant, GrahamstownThat girl walks as though she’s got real lappie-legs!
1989 Grocott’s Mail 10 Mar. 7 (letter)I have seen the local shopkeeper stand hand-in-pockets..all because an out of town ‘lappies smous’ has been allowed to open a ‘store’ on the Church Square.
d. With defining words denoting a specific use for the cloth or rag:
koerant-lappie [Afrikaans, koerant newspaper], a cloth used as a cover to prevent soiling from newsprint;
vet lappie [Afrikaans, vet grease], a greased or oiled rag loaded into the barrel of a gun and rammed home with the bullet.
1978 Sunday Times 3 Sept. (Mag. Sect.) 5A rectangular piece of material which in black ink bore the legend: Koerant-lappie...It keeps the ink off the sheets and the frown off matron’s face.
1987 G. Tylden in Africana Notes & News Vol.12 No.6, 206Rifles like the Baker nearly always have some form of flap backsight..or hinged lid closing a small box cut in the right side of the butt for holding greased patches and ‘vet lappies’ loaded with the bullet.
2. noncount. Fabric, cloth; lap sense 1. Also attributive.
1900 B.M. Hicks Cape as I Found It 179The dishcloth is a great institution in the Boer household. A dirty bit of ‘lapje’ (rag) it is.
1986 L.B. Hall in Style July 97As she stoops, her lappie hat falls to the ground.
A rag or cloth; a small piece of fabric or patchwork (cf. 2); lap2.
Anything resembling a piece of rag or patchwork.
Fabric, cloth; lap1. Also attributive.

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