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larney, noun and adjective

laani, laanieShow more Also laani, laanie, lahnee, lani, lanie, lannie, larnie, lorny.
larneys; occasionally ‖amalarney.
Isicamtho, Malay, HindiShow more Adaptation of Isicamtho lani, lanie white man; ultimate origin unknown, perhaps related to Malay rani rich, a queen, or Hindi rani queen (see Green quotation 1982 at sense B).
The replacement of /r/ by /l/ is common in the adaptation of foreign words by speakers of the Sintu (Bantu) languages. The spelling forms laani, lahnee and lanie are more frequently found in the noun form, while the Englished larnie and larney are more common as adjectival forms.
A. noun derogatory.
1. a. A white man. b. A boss or employer. (These two senses sometimes overlap.) Also as a term of address, and attributive.
1956 A. Sampson Drum 101As I sat down, between Bill and Can, I heard a murmur behind me of ‘Laanis,’ the tsotsi word for white men.
1993 I. Powell in Leadership Vol.12 No.2, 122‘She doesn’t play the larnie like the way some of the other trustees do,’ is the way one long time employee put it.
2. A member of the upper classes.
1978 L. Barnes in The 1820 Vol.51 No.12, 19Terms derived from the Indian languages can be found to cover the whole social spectrum: The lahnees and the motas are the wealthy.
1990 Frontline Mar.Apr. 16We might think we’re plain folks, but in this context, that’s a ludicrous affectation. Here we’re larneys — gentry — like it or not.
B. adjective Uppercrust, ‘posh’; elegant, smart.
1975 L. Hogg Informant, PietermaritzburgLarney. Used as an adj. meaning elegant, sophisticated, eg. That’s a larney outfit...It is commonly used by students.
1993 D. Biggs in Rhodent 24Plonk de plonk:..Known in larney circles as Blanc de blanc, but that’s very pretentious and means more or less the same.
A white man.
A boss or employer. (These two senses sometimes overlap.) Also as a term of address, and attributive.
A member of the upper classes.
Uppercrust, ‘posh’; elegant, smart.

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