lapa, adverb and & adjective

Also lapha.
Fanakalo, Zulu, Siswati, NdebeleShow more Fanakalo, ‘here’, ‘there’, ‘at’, ‘to’, from Zulu, Siswati, and Ndebele lapha here.
A. adverb There, over there; also in the n. phr. lapa language [so called because of the frequent use of the word ‘lapa’ in the language], fanakalo; lapa-lapa noun, fancy talk, ‘beating about the bush’.
1957 J.D. Bold Dict., Grammar & Phrase Bk of Fanagalo 7It (sc. fanakalo) is known as ‘the Lapa Language’ or the ‘Lo Lo Language’.
1976 M. Melamu in New Classic No.3, 4But that’s how she is, this Georgina. Straight-talk and no lapha-lapha, as she says.
1990 P. Cullinan in M. Leveson Firetalk 7I was trying to get..boards stacked in an orderly manner. The team I was working with were raw and had never been in a factory before...I was shouting at them: ‘Ai lapa, you bloody mompara, sit hom daarso.’
B. adjective (demonstrative). In the phr. lapa side [fr. Fanakalo lapasayid there (sayid adaptation of English side), with spelling remodelled to the English root], ‘that side’, over there, in that place.
1970 N. Conway Informant, Salisbury (Harare, Zimbabwe)Lapa side. Over there.
1982 Hogarth in Sunday Times 2 May 28Munnik? ‘Lapa side!’..Dr not one of them. He is a product of UCT.
1985 P. Slabolepszy Sat. Night at Palace 45Vince: Why isn’t he here? September: He is by the home...Is down the road here. Vince: Where? September: Lapa side.
1985 Vula Oct. 16Whites whinge that side, please. Blacks, lapa side.
1991 L. Parolis Informant, GrahamstownYou want Mike’s address lapa-side? In America?
1994 CCV TV 20 Aug. (advt)Hey chief, park it as close to the fountain as possible, lapa side.
There, over there;
‘that side’, over there, in that place.
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