Kaapse, adjective

Also Kaaps, Kaapsche.
Afrikaans, South African DutchShow more Afrikaans, earlier South African Dutch Kaapsch, Kaapsche ‘of the Cape’.
Cf. Cape sense 1.
1. Of, pertaining to, or with the atmosphere or flavour of Cape Town, the Cape peninsula, the western Cape, the Cape Province, or South Africa.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 238Kaaps,..Used by the Cape Dutch of anything South African.
a1963 Drostdy at Swellendam (pamphlet) 11When the older generation wished to indicate great age, they said: ‘as old as the Kaapse Wapad’ — the wagon road to Cape Town.
1988 J. Crwys-Williams in Style Mar. 18Also available..are first courses of the like of ou Kaapse snoek pâté.
1988 Weekly Mail 3 June 23Die Drein, a play performed by workers for workers, explores the lives of Kaapse ‘kleurlinge’.
2. Of or pertaining to the ‘coloured’ people of the Western Cape.
1946 Cape Times 3 JuneUp in..the cobbled roads off Hanover-street,..the speakers of Kaapse English have been revising and classifying their vocabularies.
1974 To the Point 12 July 41A play whose language vividly conjures up..poor Coloureds. And when the actors perform using the Kaapsetaal, this is more true.
1988 Weekly Mail 3 June 23Draining pathos in Kaapse patois.
1991 Weekend Post 1 June 5The textbook does not promote any particular dialect, for example ‘Kaapse Afrikaans’.
3. Special collocations
Kaapse draai /- ˈdrai/ [Afrikaans, draai turn], a flamboyant turn executed in a horse-drawn cart; figurative, any touch of the flamboyant;
Kaapse Jongens /- ˈjɔŋəns/ [South African Dutch, jongens young men], boerejongens;
Kaapse nooitjie /- ˈnɔɪki/ obsolete [Afrikaans, nooitjie young girl], the pampelmoesie, Stromateus fiatola;
Kaapse sesry /- ˈsesreɪ/ [Afrikaans, ses six + ry row], Cape Six-row barley;
Kaapse smaak /- ˈsmɑːk/ [Afrikaans, smaak taste], Cape smoke.
[1934 C.P. Swart Supplement to Pettman. 82Kaapse Draai,..To make a short sharp turn is so designated by the Afrikaner.]
1949 L.G. Green In Land of Afternoon 174On arrival at the homestead the driver of the bruidswa reached the height of his skill by making the fancy curve known as a Kaapse draai. It took a fine driver to carry out that ‘figure eight’ flawlessly at full gallop.
1982 Pretoria News 22 Sept. 5It’ll be oh, là, là and magnifique and a touch of the Kaapse draai in Pretoria on Friday.
1983 Sunday Times 6 Mar. 16Hanepoot [grapes] in brandy, known as Kaapsche Jongens — the young men of the Cape...Fill the jars with brandy...Leave for at least six months then serve, taking care to tell the guests that, eaten like olives, your Kaapsche Jongens are lethal.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 238Kaapsche nooitje,..The Riversdale and Knysna name for the Pompelmoosje.
1932 Farming in S. Afr. June 105 (Swart)Of all varieties of barley, Cape Six-row (known also as Kaapse Sesry, Ougars [or] Laatgars, is without doubt the best for malting purposes.
[1834 T. Pringle Afr. Sketches 515Some of the lighter Cape wines are occasionally found of good quality and agreeable flavour, though seldom altogether free of the earthy taste, or Kaap smaak, which seem peculiar to the soil or climate.]
1988 D. Hughes et al. Complete Bk of S. Afr. Wine 332Witblits’ otherwise known as Dop, White Lightning, Boerblits, Cape Smoke, or Kaapse Smaak.
1991 Best of S. Afr. Short Stories (Reader’s Digest Assoc.) 92Brandy has been part of South African life since it was first distilled about 20 years after Jan van Riebeeck arrived and its evocative local names have included boerblits and ‘Cape Smoke’, which is thought to be a corruption of Kaapse smaak or ‘Cape taste’.
Of, pertaining to, or with the atmosphere or flavour of Cape Town, the Cape peninsula, the western Cape, the Cape Province, or South Africa.
Of or pertaining to the ‘coloured’ people of the Western Cape.
Hence Kaaps noun, the dialect (of Afrikaans or English) spoken by the ‘coloured’ people of the Western Cape.
1976 S. Roberts in Quarry ’76 113There were subdued sniggers from the students and under-breath remarks in Kaaps.
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