homestead, noun

Also with initial capital.
EnglishShow more Special sense of general English homestead dwelling, farm-stead.
1. obsolete. Law. In the noun phrase homestead law, see quotation.
1876 F. Boyle Savage Life 2The curious law called ‘Homestead’ enacted that each farm occupied should be circular, and should enclose three thousand morgen, about six thousand acres, around the farm house, which must always be the central point. The object of this law was to prevent..the assembly of men together in towns or villages.
2. kraal noun sense 2 a. Also attributive.
1970 H. Kuper Witch in my Heart p.xiiDescribing the ideal homestead, informants say, ‘There should always be a headman with his mother, his wives and his children.’
1981 J.B. Peires House of Phalo 33The homestead-head decided what and when to plant, supervised the herding and milking of the cattle, and chose whether to hunt, trade or stay at home.
1985 Frontline Sept. 10On the hill above the town the king’s homestead and kraal, burnt by the British in 1879, have been recreated...My guide enjoins me to make a careful distinction between ‘homestead’ and ‘kraal’, to reserve the latter for describing a cattle enclosure.
1986 P.A. McAllister Xhosa Beer Drinks. 6People came to know that I had a hut in Mzilikazi’s homestead and frequently dropped in to say hello and to chat.
1990 Sunday Times 17 June 26Willie Mtolo cools off at his homestead in the Drakensberg foothills after a long, thirsty day.
see quotation.
kraalnoun2 a. Also attributive.
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