Golden City, noun phrase

Also with small initials.
Named for its gold-mines.
The Golden City: The city of Johannesburg; City of Gold; Egoli; Gauteng sense 1. See also Jo’burg.
1892 The Jrnl 14 July 3Some days ago, at the Golden City, a well-known Secretary was catechising a youthful aspirant for the honoured post of office-boy.
1896 Purvis & Biggs S. Afr. 124The evil influence of the concentration of power in the hands of the few magnates of the Golden City must be borne strongly in mind by all who desire to grasp the significance of certain South African problems.
1909 Lady S. Wilson S. Afr. Mem. 288The Golden City itself was, to all outward appearances, as thriving as ever, with its busy population, its crowded and excellent shops, and its general evidences of opulence, which appeared to overbalance — or, in any case, wish to conceal — any existing poverty or distress.
1913 J. Brandt Petticoat Commando 15I must ask my reader to turn his attention for a few moments to that great mining centre, Johannesburg, ‘The Golden City’ of South Africa.
1928 V.G. Desai tr. of M.K. Gandhi’s Satyagraha in S. Afr. 12Johannesburg, the golden city of South Africa.
1936 R.J.M. Goold-Adams S. Afr. To-Day & To-Morrow 158Below and in front of us was the Golden City. It was smaller and more delicate in appearance than I had expected, even in the distance.
1979 M. Matshoba Call Me Not a Man 95I felt like a goduka going to the Golden City for the first time in his life, afraid it may swallow him, afraid he may not return from the dark earth’s entrails of gold.
1987 N. Mkhonze in True Love Mar. 46As the government was against blacks from other towns working in the Golden City, I was told that I did not qualify to register as a worker in Johannesburg.
1990 Sunday Times 25 Feb. 20When Russian immigrants K & L first set up their business in the Golden City in 1895, their first pile came from syringes they made to inoculate cattle against the rinderpest.
1993 E. Khumalo in Pace July 77In Plein Street we found a young man..who came to Jo’burg two years ago...‘I’m dying to go back home. I don’t want to die in this filthy concrete jungle called the Golden City.’
The city of Johannesburg; City of Gold; Egoli; Gauteng1.
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