gogog, noun

goggog, gogogoShow more Also goggog, gogogo, gogok, gokok, igogog, kokok.
gogogs, or amagogog.
ZuluShow more From noun stem -gogogo paraffin tin, common to several Nguni languages (related to Zulu gogoza rumble or bang, as of empty tins); perhaps originally echoic. For an explanation of the prefix in the plural form, see ama-.
A paraffin tin; a measure of roughly two buckets.
1961 D. Rooke Lover for Estelle 67Across the plain three separate parties of women with kokoks on their heads were wending their way to buy sugar or blankets or mealies.
1968 R. Griffiths Man of River 18When a woman carries water in a gog-gog on her head she puts leaves in the bucket to stop the water splashing when she walks.
1970 S. Sparks Informant, Fort BeaufortThe African maid carried a ‘gogog’ of water on her head (4 gallon paraffin tin).
1971 M. Knowling Informant, GrahamstownAn igogog is a paraffin tin, so called from the noise it makes when being emptied.
1978 M. King Informant, GrahamstownWe get four gogoks of milk a day.
1982 M. wa Mmutle in Chapman & Dangor Voices from Within 167My mother died a servant...On a plank bed she slept Supported by four Gokoks.
1986 MvB in Cape Times 19 Feb.During the Depression (and after) road workers slung a bit of gristly meat into an empty gogog, poured water over it, boiled it on an open fire and voila! potjiekos.
1987 O. Musi in Drum Apr. 61A little boy..was caught stealing fruit and angry villagers poured a whole gogogo of paraffin — that’s a 25-litre tinful — on his hands and set them alight.
1989 F.G. Butler Tales from Old Karoo 114A black child started beating out the time on an empty gogog.
1994 D. Bikitsha in Sunday Times 2 Jan. 13Our new year celebrations are a combination of Guy Fawkes, Halloween and Rio’s annual carnival...Bonfires from car tyres erupt like a swarm of fireflies. The din from tin drums or amagogogo, church bells, sirens..is deafening.
A paraffin tin; a measure of roughly two buckets.
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