Gauteng, noun

Also Gouteng.
Sotho, Northern Sotho, Southern Sotho, AfrikaansShow more Sotho, from Northern Sotho gauta, Southern Sotho gauda, ultimately an adaptation of Afrikaans goud /xəʊt/ gold + teng there, inside; see Eastern Province Herald quotation 1994.
1. Golden City.
[1961 Southern Sotho-English Dict.Gaudëng, Johannesburg.]
[1975 Comprehensive Northern Sotho Dict. 302Gautêng Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.]
1991 I.E.G. Collett Informant, Pilgrim’s RestJohannesburg: The Big Naartjie, Joey’s, Gouteng, eGoli.
1994 Wilhelm & Naidoo in Sunday Times 1 May 15Egoli may now be as familiar as Johannesburg but there are a string of other slang words for the city...Gauteng (from the Sotho word Gauge [sic] which means gold).
2. The name of one of the nine provinces of South Africa (previously the PWV Province, see PWV sense b). Also attributive.
1994 P. Smythe on TV1, 8 Dec. (Agenda)From all of us in the studio here in Gauteng, goodnight.
1994 E. Prov. Herald 9 Dec. 2PWV renamed Gauteng...Gauteng, Sotho for ‘Place of Gold’, was adopted as the new name for the Pretoria-Witwatersrand-Vereeniging province by the legislature yesterday — but will become official only after it is changed by national parliament.
1994 Sunday Times 25 Dec. 1Gauteng children will be showered with candies by the region’s SAPS Air Wing.
Golden City.
The name of one of the nine provinces of South Africa (previously the PWV Province, see PWVb). Also attributive.
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