Jo’burg, noun

Joburg, Jo-BurgShow more Also Joburg, Jo-Burg, Johburg, Joh’burg.
Shortened form of Johannesburg.
The city of Johannesburg; Joeys; cf. Jozi. Also attributive. See also Golden City.
1908 J.H. Drummond Diary. 15 Nov.His letter proposed my coming to Jo’burg and staying with him on the chance of getting employment.
1925 F. Shay in Nat. Geog. Mag. Feb. 259The second day in Jo-Burg we detoured to..Pretoria. Pretoria is 45 miles from Jo-Burg.
1939 K.O. Shelford in Outspan 6 Oct. 39I could tell you come from Jo’burg even if I ’adn’t seen your number plate. Always rushing about, you Jo’burg fellers.
1953 Drum Mar. 22Good-bye Joh’burg, Here I come Durban!
1964 Capricorn High School Mag. 29Ragged and quarrelled ever so To let him not to Jo’burg go.
1977 J. Sikakane Window on Soweto 56We Jo’burg Africans were used to using the same doors in certain City restaurants which do not display segregated entrance signs.
1987 M. Melamu Children of Twilight 293The magic word was ‘Jo’burg’, the ‘City of Gold’. Those who had succeeded in going there..related semi-credulous tales of the glamour of Jo’burg. If you were in quest of quick riches..Jo’burg was the place.
1993 J. Thomas in House & Leisure Nov. 51Chartwell, north of Joburg.
The city of Johannesburg; Joeys;
Hence Jo’burger noun Johannesburger , Jo’burgite noun Johannesburger.
1918 A.C. Cripps in Best of S. Afr. Short Stories (1991) 98Two or three Rhodesians and Joburgers enriched the bar with faithful fondness.
1977 J. Sikakane Window on Soweto 21My father is what I could describe as a typical schooled ‘Johburger’ at heart.
1987 Fair Lady 13 May 84December — that’s when other Jo’burgers are ‘getting away from it all’.
1988 J. Scott in Cape Times 24 Dec. 6Fortunately the mountain is one thing that Joburgites will never fit into the capacious boots of their cars.
1990 J. Michell in Style Nov. 62Unlike Jo’burgers, Durbanites eat for enjoyment and energy rather than to impress their clients.
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