gawie, noun

Also garvie, ghawi.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, probably from nickname Gawie, from Gabriel.
japie sense 3. Also attributive.
1963 D. Wright Letter. (Pringle Coll., N.E.L.M. 462/47) 16 Apr.Censorship as proposed will make idiots of their children, make real garvies of them, unable to hold enlightened conversation with anyone in the outside world.
1964 J. Meintjes Manor House 119They referred to the backvelders as duine-molle, japies, takhare, gawies and so on.
1970 M.C. Dickerson Informant, East LondonGawie. A roughneck, someone without polish.
1970 J. Stodel Informant, Cape TownI can hear by your ghawi-accent that you’re from ‘South Africa.’ A ghawi accent is a mixture between an Afrikaans and English accent.
1970 M. Van Rensburg Informant, Port ElizabethGawie. A countryman or peasant not versed in town manners.
1991 S.C. Scholten Informant, DurbanGawie. (Uncomplimentary)..Afrikaans local boy.
1992 P. Dobson Informant, Cape TownJaap; Gawie; Crunchie; Hairyback; Rockspider; Rock, Dutchman: an Afrikaner.
japie3. Also attributive.
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