gazaat, verb

Also gazzat, gezat.
Sotho, Isicamtho, ArabicShow more Etymology unknown, perhaps related to Sotho gasa tshelete give money for general development; or perhaps (though less likely) Isicamtho adaptation of Arabic zakaat obligatory payment Muslims have to make to charity in terms of Islamic law.
In township slang: to contribute (money); to pool resources. Cf. las.
a. transitive.
1978 M. Mutloatse Casey & Co. 133Empties the cokes a bit then pours the mahog in the bottles and seals then...This goes on, on and on as long as we have enough mazuma to gazzat. Once I overheard Mr Editor remark such-wise — ‘Those two are the only people I know who can get drunk on coke.’
b. intransitive.
1980 M. Mzamane in M. Mutloatse Forced Landing 24Take the bottle we’re going to drink, for instance. Didn’t Mazibuko and I gazaat when we met during lunch time? Anyway, I’m not too keen to broadcast the fact..that I contributed half the amount that went to buying that bottle.
[1990 M.J.H. Mfusi Soweto Zulu Slang. (Appendix A)Ukugazatha, to throw money into common fund for a specific purpose.]
to contribute (money); to pool resources.
So gazaat noun, a contribution, a collection (of money).
1974 A.P. Brink Looking on Darkness 112Save it up, I tole you. I made gezat fo’ you.

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