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druppels, plural noun

Also droppels.
a. ‘Drops’: liquid medicines, especially patent household remedies, taken in small quantities. See also (old) Dutch medicine (Dutch adjective sense 2).
1902 Report upon Concentration Camps in W.H.S. Bell Bygone Days (1933) 364Some of what are known generally as ‘Dutch medicines’ or ‘droppels’ contain laudanum...Besides the pernicious ‘droppels’, the Boer women resort to other and even more dangerous methods of treatment.
1991 [see quot. at krampdruppels below].
b. With distinguishing epithet, designating a particular type of druppels according to:
i. The application of the remedy:
benoudhijds druppels /bəˈnəʊtheɪts -/ [South African Dutch, combining form of benoudhijd tightness of the chest (Afrikaans benoudheid)], drops for the relief of breathing complaints, croup, or asthma; see also benauwdheid;
bloedstillende druppels /ˈblʊtˈstələndə -/, /ˈblut -/ [Afrikaans, bloedstillend, bloedstillende having styptic properties], a styptic, tincture of ferric perchloride;
borsdruppels, see as a main entry;
entrance druppels, or entress druppels, see quotation 1959;
hoes druppels /ˈhʊs -/, /ˈhus -/ [Afrikaans, hoes cough], drops for the relief of coughs;
hoofdpijn druppels /ˈhʊəftpeɪn-/ [South African Dutch, hoofdpijn headache (Afrikaans hoofpyn)], drops for the treatment of headaches;
koors druppels /kʊə(r)s-/, also koortsdruppels [Afrikaans, koors fever], drops for the relief of fever;
krampdruppels /kramp-/ [Afrikaans, kramp cramp], drops for the relief of convulsions and stomach cramps;
pynstillende druppels /ˈpeɪnˌstələndə -/ [Afrikaans, pynstillend, pynstillende soothing, pain-killing], drops for the relief of pain;
sleep druppels [English sleep], drops inducing sleep;
versterkdruppels, see as a main entry;
zinkingsdruppels /səŋkəŋs-/ [South African Dutch, zinkings neuralgia (Afrikaans sinkings)], drops for the relief of pain.
1919 Dunell, Ebden & Co.’s Price List Oct. 20Benaauwdheid Droppels 3/6.
1937 C.R. Prance Tante Rebella’s Saga 182Three times already she had got out of bed to take sleep-droppels from her Home-Medicine chest, and now the bottle was empty she felt more wakeful than before, though she said all her prayers again each time to help the sleep-drops.
ii. The source from which the drops are derived, or an attribute of the drops:
anijs druppels /aˈneɪs -/ [South African Dutch, anijs aniseed (Afrikaans anys)], drops containing aniseed;
duiwelsdrekdruppels, see duiwelsdrek sense b;
harmans druppels /ˈharməns -/, also occasionally shortened form harmansdrup, [Afrikaans, harman adaptation of Haarlem (see haarlemmer)], harlemensis;
Hoffmansdruppels, see as a main entry;
peppermint druppels, drops containing peppermint;
staaldruppels /ˈstɑːl-/ [Afrikaans, ? staal steel], see quotation;
wonderdruppels /ˈvɔn(d)ə(r)-/ [Afrikaans, wonder miracle], drops for the relief of pain.
[1884 B.G. Lennon & Co.’s Catal. 1884 63Anÿs Olie, 2 dram vials.]
1970 S. De Wet in J.W. Loubser Africana Short Stories 93Then my mother took the wonderdruppels that she had for her pain in her side, and she began to give them to Dirk. And he didn’t get worse.
‘Drops’: liquid medicines, especially patent household remedies, taken in small quantities.