haarlemmer, noun

Also harlemer, and with initial capital.
Afrikaans, EnglishShow more Afrikaans, named for Haarlem the Dutch town in which the medicine was first formulated in 1672 + adjective-forming suffix -er. Cf. general English Haarlem oil (earliest quotation 1885).
Special Combinations haarlemmer drops, haarlemmer druppels /-ˈdrəpəlz/, /-ˈdrœpəls/ [Afrikaans, druppels see druppels], haarlemmer essens [Afrikaans, essens essence], haarlemmer oil, haarlemmer olie /-ˌʊəli/, /-ˌuəli/ [Afrikaans, olie oil]: harlemensis.
1937 S. Cloete Turning Wheels 257Medicines such as camphor, turpentine, senna beans, buchu, harlemer olie and jalap.
1984 B. Johnson-Barker in Wynboer Feb. 64The doctor was holding up a small bottle,..a bottle of druppels; Haarlemmer Olie, it looked like.
1989 D. Smuts Folk Remedies 64Neuritis, 1 bottle balsem vita, 1 bottle Haarlemmer drops, 2 teaspoons sweet olive oil.
1990 C. Laffeaty Far Forbidden Plains 194What, he wanted to know, would she prescribe for, say, pneumonia? A mixture of rue-water and haarlemmer oil, Mamma answered.
1991 [see krampdruppels druppels sense b i].
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