Capetonian, noun

Also occasionally Capetownian.
EnglishShow more Cape Town name of the city + English noun- and adjective-forming suffix -ian.
A resident of Cape Town (see Mother City); also called Capey (sense 2). Also attributive.
1904 Argus Christmas Annual (Cape Colony Sect.) 23A Capetonian..states that it would take days to explore them (sc. the Cango Caves).
1927 Outspan 4 Mar. 82A breathing space has been reached for the large body of Capetonians whose duty it has been to make sure that the attractions of the Peninsula are on everybody’s tongue at home and abroad.
1950 H. Gibbs Twilight in S. Afr. 33We arrived in a flourish of American cars and anticipation, and were soon attacking one of those five-course lunches which Cape-townians dismiss as a ‘simple snack’.
1979 Cape Times 2 July 1Capetonians can draw comfort from the fact that in 200 years of meteorite strikes only six injuries, and no deaths, are recorded.
1987 C. Hope Hottentot Room 121The heart, remember, Looper repeated to himself in passable imitation of the flat Capetownian vowels of Christiaan Barnard — is only a pump.
1989 S. Sole in Sunday Tribune 1 Jan. 2Capetonians have more words for foreigners (anyone from North of the Huguenot tunnel) than Free State farmers have to describe their sheep, none of them as complimentary.
1990 J. Michell in Style Nov. 62Durbanites eat for enjoyment and energy rather than to impress their clients; and, unlike Capetonians, they aren’t prepared to spend hours fussing over prissy little plates of nouvelle cuisine.
A resident of Cape Town (see Mother City); also called Capey (sense 2). Also attributive.
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