Vaalie, noun

Also Valie.
EnglishShow more Formed on Transvaal + English noun-forming suffix -ie denoting an inhabitant of a place.
A (derogatory) name for an inhabitant of the region formerly known as the Transvaal; vaaljapie sense 2. Also attributive. See also ky’daar, Transvaler (Transvaal), Vaalpens sense 2 b, Venter sense 2.
1976 E. Townsend Informant, GrahamstownWhat faithful Cape Tonian does not feel an irrational pang of enmity towards the so called ‘Valie’ who annexes Clifton Beach in the December/January period.
1989 S. Sole in Sunday Tribune 1 Jan. 2Up-country visitors can be forgiven for getting that unwanted feeling when they spy their first ‘Vaalies go home’ graffiti.
1989 P. Quinton in Cape Times 12 Jan. 7 (letter)After being born a Vaalie and living in Cape Town for 19 years, I am now a confirmed Capetonian.
1990 F. Downes Informant, Cape TownI got so sunburnt. I had a Vaalie tan.
1993 E. Prov. Herald 4 Sept. 5Hugh travelled with kind friends, Vaalie style — five up and the skottel braai, potjie and the beers bouncing along behind in the Venter trailer.
1994 T. Cobbleigh in Sunday Times 2 Jan. 19To all you Vaalies sitting shoulder-to-shoulder on the beaches at Camps Bay,..or being ripped off by porters, taxi-drivers and ice-cream vendors, I say: Don’t hurry back.
A (derogatory) name for an inhabitant of the region formerly known as the Transvaal; vaaljapie2. Also attributive.
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