borsdruppels, plural noun

Also borstdroppels, borstdruppels.
Afrikaans, DutchShow more Afrikaans, bors (from Dutch borst) chest + druppels drops.
A home-remedy for the relief of asthma and other chest complaints. See also druppels.
a1900 Lennon’s Dutch Medicine Handbk 18Borsdruppels, This excellent remedy..loosens and breaks the phlegm, clears the chest and relieves the spasms of coughs, croup and bronchitis in both adults and children.
1919 Dunell, Ebden & Co.’s Price List Oct. 20Borst Droppels 3/6.
1934 Sunday Times 24 June (Swart)Why should Oom Piet, who had for years bought his borsdruppels just as regularly and from the same place as he ordered his tobacco now be prevented from doing so?
1958 E.H. Burrows Hist. of Medicine 191Bors droppels (Elixir pectorale, Chest Drops): used for all lung complaints, colds and coughs.
1975 W. Steenkamp Land of Thirst King 138For many years the only formal medical help the average farmer possessed was what he called his ‘apteek’, or pharmacy, which consisted of a fitted tin trunk containing such time-honoured specifics as Hoffman’s Drops, a cough remedy known as ‘Borstdruppels’ (chest drops), Polgras Pills, ‘Rooi Laventel’ (lavender drops) and, naturally, the inevitable blue bottle of castor oil.
1989 D. Smuts Folk Remedies 28Cough mixture. Mix some honey and a few drops of borsdruppels thoroughly and eat a quarter of a teaspoonful every now and again.
A home-remedy for the relief of asthma and other chest complaints.
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