borer, noun

EnglishShow more Special sense of general English borer an insect which bores through wood.
In full borer beetle: the furniture beetle Anobium punctatum of the Anobiidae. Also attributive.
1879 R.J. Atcherley Trip to Boërland 238At the hotel I had an excellent opportunity of noticing the depredations caused by an insect called the ‘borer’.
1887 J.W. Matthews Incwadi Yami 323Coffee enterprise seemed dying out fast, no planting going on, the trees suffering from an insect, the ‘borer’.
1899 W.H. Brown On S. Afr. Frontier 316The native woods in the country are attacked by a small beetle, commonly known as the borer, which is brown in colour and about a quarter of an inch in length.
1899 A. Werner Captain of Locusts 68The Administration bungalow did not, as yet, boast a ceiling — concluded from the softly descending showers of yellow dust, that the ‘borer’ had got into them — reflected that he ought to have them tarred or painted at the first opportunity.
1905 J. Du Plessis 1000 Miles in Heart of Afr. 54An insect called the borer drills holes into your house’s beams and rafters and uprights.
1987 J. Kench Cottage Furn. 169Borer beetle, The common furniture beetle, Anobium punctatum, responsible for the small round holes found in woodwork. These are the flight holes of the mature insect...Known especially in the U.K. as woodworm.
1990 Weekend Post 8 Dec. 1The ‘borer beetle certificate’, which was..commonly issued when a house was sold, also had limited value.
the furniture beetle Anobium punctatum of the Anobiidae. Also attributive.
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