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boerehaat, noun

Often with initial capital.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, ‘hatred of Boers’, boere see boere + haat hatred. Coined as an emotive political slogan by P.W. Botha (of the National Party) during the election campaign of 1972.
Hatred of Afrikaners as a group. Also attributive. Cf. Engelsehaat (see Engels noun sense 2 b). See also haat noun.
1972 Sunday Times 26 Mar. 9Boerehaat Campaign. UP shocked by Nat bid to stir up hatred.
1986 E. Prov. Herald 12 Apr. 2Amid cries of ‘boere-haat’, the Progressive Federal Party MP..slammed Afrikaans-accented TV interviewers and called for a service ‘in our language which can be an example to our children, and teach them to speak decent English.’
Hatred of Afrikaners as a group. Also attributive.
Hence boerehater /-hɑːtə(r)/ noun, one who hates the Afrikaner; nonce, one who hates farmers; boerehating /ˈbuːrəhɑːtɪŋ/, /-heɪtɪŋ/ participial adjective.
1972 Sunday Times 26 Mar. 9The United Party will be depicted as being a party in the grip of ‘boerehaters’.
1993 J. Scott in Cape Times 25 Feb. 11Louis Stofberg (CP, Sasolburg) revealed that ‘the most expensive plot ever sold in Bloemfontein was sold to a Chinese’...‘It was probably sold by a CP,’ remarked someone...‘You’re a boerehater,’ CP members shouted back.

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