boere, adjective

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans boere-, combining form of boer farmer, Afrikaner; in most of the examples below, this form will have been deduced from combinations borrowed from Afrikaans which contain it (as boerebeskuit, boerebrood, etc.).
a. Of or pertaining to the Afrikaner community; cf. Afrikaner adjective.
1970 Daily News 12 MayMany other good ‘boere’ names had been maliciously changed, he said.
1978 Sunday Times 20 Aug. 14If you travel a few miles further through the koppies, you get to Linden, which is called the Boere Houghton. It is a kind of Afrikaner bantustan.
1980 R. Govender Lahnee’s Pleasure 18Suddenly this big Boere cop stopped me. I pulled up one side and I told the kids, duck away in the back.
1981 B. Mfenyana in M. Mutloatse Reconstruction 299Those nannies and farm ‘boys’ who toiled for the Dutch immigrants from 1700 onwards played a big part in the formation of creole or local Dutch, Afrikaans, isiBhulu...Then amaNgesi came to Anglicise everybody, resulting in Fanakalo, African and Boere English.
1984 Fair Lady 18 Apr. 94They dressed in charming country clothes, sandals, flowered cottons and cheesecloth. ‘A bunch of earnest Boere hippies’.
1987 E. Prov. Herald 5 Sept. 2The popular image of the AWB was ‘boere cowboys’ who broke up meetings, intimidated people, and took the law into their own hands.
1988 Style May 6Port Elizabeth has become the happy breeding ground of the Boere Kugel.
1990 G. Gill in Sunday Times 22 Apr. 20The Mother Grundys can sleep easy in their beds tonight...controversial boere-rocker shocker Johannes Kerkorrel is leaving the country.
b. Special collocations
boere concertina, boerekonsertina;
boerenooi, see nooi sense 2;
boerenooientjie, see nooientjie.
1972 P. Becker in Star 17 Mar. B6Basie..strove all his adult life to master Rimsky-Korsakov’s ‘Servilia’ [sic] on a Boere concertina only to die eventually in abject disillusionment.
1981 Family Post 3 Oct. 4Neels himself is heard on both the English and the ‘boere’ concertinas.
1990 Weekend Post 8 Dec. 7 (caption)Boeremusiek ‘is for everybody’, they say. Women too, as Mrs Hettie Breytenbach shows with her Boere concertina.
2. Country-style, rural; used by or associated with farmers; ‘home-grown’, indigenous. See note at Boer sense 1 a.
1974 Daily Dispatch 20 July 8I could still savour the memory of gorgeous ‘boere’ coffee served on the trains 20 years ago.
1977 Family Radio & TV 28 Apr. 47Some have generators, one woman uses gas and the others just use the good old boere paraffin lamp.
1980 Farmer’s Weekly 2 July p.ii (advt)The Boere Truck. Tough & Versatile..[it] incorporates many features for profitable farming.
1982 D. Kramer Short Back & Sides 46I once played for a band in a Boland hotel. We played waltzes and foxtrots and a bit of boerebop as well.
1985 Cape Times 4 Oct. 6There is also a coach house and stable, early ‘boere’ dwelling-house and a primitive herdman’s house.
1989 Daily Dispatch 5 June 12The two worlds of music — forties jazz and boeremusiek — sometimes..intermarry into a type of boere-jazz.
1990 Motorist 1st Quarter 16Sarah has had the still in her family for thirty-five years and is teaching her grandson..the in’s and out’s of this great boere tradition.
1990 Sunday Times 11 Feb. 9A sports promoter has challenged fans of the beloved ‘boere’ sport, kennetjie, to promote the game and support a worthy cause.
Of or pertaining to the Afrikaner community;
Country-style, rural; used by or associated with farmers; ‘home-grown’, indigenous. See note at Boer sense 1 a.
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