boeredans, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, boere see boere + dans dance.
opskop sense a.
1985 A. Goldstuck in Frontline Feb. 19Leaping towards him comes the radical swing king of the boeredans, he of the furious pace and the ostentatious prance...Old timers and young rebels, tannies and cherries, are all at home at the boeredans.
1985 W. Vanvolsem in Sunday Times 3 Feb. 5A a platteland dorp had to be cancelled..when a hotel manager’s plan to bring in concertinas and banjos instead of a disco DJ and stroboscopic lights to lure the town’s young to an evening of fun fell flat.
1986 Cape Times 8 Feb. 3One of the highlights for passengers..will be a ‘boeredans’ on the historic town’s railway station platform.
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