beast, noun

English, South African DutchShow more English, influenced by South African Dutch beest head of cattle.
1. A domesticated bovine animal; a cow, ox, or bull.
A standard usage in South African English.
1812 A. Plumptre tr. of H. Lichtenstein’s Trav. in Sn Afr. (1928) I. 132They called..horned cattle beasts, the whole family of the antelopes boks.
1827 G. Thompson Trav. 350If a person steal a cow, and slaughter it at his kraal, every one implicated is obliged to pay a beast to the plaintiff.
1841 J.W. Appleyard War of Axe (1971) 6They had just slaughtered a beast at the great place and were busy preparing for eating.
1852 T. Shone Diary. 24 Aug.The Rebels have taken all The Cattle from the Police station on the Waay Plaats yesterday, they cannot Find the spur of the Beast.
c1881 A. Douglass Ostrich Farming 205Where sweet veldt cattle are brought on to sour veldt, a considerable per-centage suffer. The best and most simple remedy is a quart of linseed oil with a wine-glass of turpentine for a full-grown beast, and half the amount for a young beast.
1913 H. Tucker Our Beautiful Peninsula 75Slaughter-houses flow unceasingly with the blood of slain beasts.
1923 G.H. Nicholls Bayete! 121‘My daughter is worth eight cattle,’ he said. ‘But if she is worth eight beasts now she was worth eight beasts six months ago.’
1936 R.J.M. Goold-Adams S. Afr. To-Day & To-Morrow 125The unavoidable breeding of very poor quality beasts by natives and the poorer farmers, Dutch and English.
1955 V.M. Fitzroy Dark Bright Land 40Their tribal custom is, to barter cattle for a bride, and the more considerable the maiden’s father in the tribe, the richer the fee in beasts does he demand.
1964 Drum Nov. 19The guests drank 100 gallons of beer and ate two beasts.
1975 W.M. Macmillan My S. Afr. Yrs 135He reckoned that 1,000 morgen (which is over 2,000 acres) would support only 300 beasts, presumably cattle.
1985 Probe Nov. 18It was hard to drive at night without finding horses, donkeys, beasts sharing roads with licensed vehicles.
1986 P.A. McAllister Xhosa Beer Drinks. 42Among the Pedi ‘beer is nearly always the medium of sacrifice’ though it was sometimes accompanied by a beast (Monnig 1967, 61).
1990 City Press 11 Feb. 6When he goes to Qunu the people there have promised to give him beasts and sheep to be slaughtered to thank the Dlomo ancestors.
1993 Pace July 2We darkies are fond of expensive funerals..our bills include buying of beasts, cakes, cooldrinks, caskets and hiring of expensive cars to ferry mourners.
2. combination
beast-kraal obsolete [see kraal noun sense 3], cattle kraal (see kraal noun sense 3 b i). Also attributive.
1803 J.T. Van der Kemp Trans. of Missionary Soc. I. 437In the centre of the kraal there is a large circular area, fenced by trees, cut down and laid in the manner of an abbatis. Into this beast-kraal, all the cattle belonging to the kraal are driven at evening and milked.
1821 C.I. Latrobe Jrnl of Visit 268Close to the dwelling, was the beast-kraal.
1833 Graham’s Town Jrnl 14 Mar. 2They..went to the beast-kraal gate, and my father went to the house.
A domesticated bovine animal; a cow, ox, or bull.
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