Bechuana, noun

α. Boetshoenas, BootchuannasShow more (plural only) Boetshoenas, Bootchuannas, Bōōtshooānăs, Bootshuanas, Bucuanas, Buchuanas, Mōōtshooānăs;
β. Boschuanas, BoshuanahShow more (plural only) Boschuanas, Boshuanah, Boshuanas, Botchuana’s, Botschuanas;
γ. Beetchuanah, BeetshuanasShow more (plural only) Beetchuanah, Beetshuanas, Betcuana, Betshoenas, Beuchuanas, Bichuana, Bichuanas, Bituanas;
δ. Bechuan, BetjouanaShow more singular Bechuan, Betjouana, Betjuana, Mochuana, Motchuana; singular and plural Bechuana; plural Bachuana, Bechannas, Bechouanas, Bechuanas, Bechwana, Becwana.
usually unchanged, or Bechuanas.
seTswana, Show more Englished form of seTswana baTswana, see Motswana; or perhaps representing obsolete seTswana pronunciation of an earlier form of baTswana; for an explanation of singular and plural forms, see mo- and ba-.
obsolescent except in historical contexts
1. a. A member of any of several Sotho-Tswana peoples inhabiting the interior of southern Africa; Chuana sense 1 a. b. Tswana sense 2 a. Also attributive, passing into adjective.
During the 19th century ‘Bechuana’ and ‘Kaffir’ often meant Sotho and Nguni respectively. ‘Bechuana’ has been replaced in South African English by ‘Tswana’ (usually meaning a seTswana-speaking South African) and ‘Batswana’ (often meaning the citizens of Botswana, but see Motswana).
1801 W. Somerville Narr. of E. Cape Frontier (1979) 123Briqua is a name unknown to them, but applied to them by the Kora Hottentots — they call themselves Bōōtshooānăs or Mōōtshooānăs — for they hardly make any distinction in the articulation of these two letters.
1875 J.J. Bisset Sport & War 170About the year 1830 some of the dispersed native tribes from the interior of Africa migrated into the Cape Colony...The tribes were called Munatees and Bucuanas.
1818 Lord C. Somerset in G.M. Theal Rec. of Cape Col. (1902) XII. 112Those tribes the Boshuanas, Ghonas, and Briquas..have been very peaceable towards the Colonists.
1822 Missionary Notices 214One of these visitors having frequently travelled amongst the Manketsens, Boschuanas, and Marootzes, to the north and north-east of Griqua Town, gave us much more information respecting that country.
1824 W.J. Burchell Trav. II. 26In her ear are two small copper ornaments of Bichuana manufacture.
1884 Cape Law Jrnl I. 223These are the..interior Basuto tribes and those in the Transvaal Territory and Colonial Basutos, including the Barolongs of the Orange Free State and the Beetshuanas or Batlapins of Griqualand West and also the Griquas.
1827 G. Thompson Trav. 91The fourth speaker, Insha, a Barolong, began by recommending that the Bechuanas should wait until the Mantatees appeared, and then attack them.
1989 J. Crwys-Williams S. Afr. Despatches 14On an up-country visit..Thompson observed a general assembly of the tribes making up the Bechuana nation, which was called together at Kuruman to meet the threat of the advancing Mantatees.
2. Only in singular δ forms with Be-: Setswana. Also attributive.
1826 R. Moffatt (title)A Bechuana Catechism.
1979 A. Gordon-Brown Settlers’ Press 57William Binnington Boyce and James the face of formidable difficulties, produced respectively grammars of the Kafir and Bechuana languages.
A member of any of several Sotho-Tswana peoples inhabiting the interior of southern Africa; Chuana1 a.
Tswana2 a. Also attributive, passing into adjective.
Setswana. Also attributive.

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