Jewburg, noun

A pun on Jo’burg; see quotation 1934.
obs., derogatory
An offensive name for Johannesburg. So Jewburger noun, a (Jewish) Johannesburg magnate.
1902 I. Hamilton in T. Pakenham Boer War (1982) 562Do let us profit by our experience when we smashed the Zulus for the Boers, and not repeat the mistake by annihilating the Boers for the Jewburghers.
1934 C.P. Swart Supplement to Pettman. 80Jewburg, A corruption of Jo’burg, humorously applied to Johannesburg where Jewry is well represented.
1951 O. Walker Shapeless Flame 193Johannesburg was writing its nickname ‘Jewburg’ large over the sands, and the air was thick with broken English.
An offensive name for Johannesburg. So Jewburgernoun, a (Jewish) Johannesburg magnate.
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