Berg Damara, noun phrase

Also Bergdama.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans Bergdamara, berg mountain + Damara.
A member of a negroid people of Namibia.
1842 J. Tindall Jrnl (1959) 31Berg Damaras..speak the Namaqua dialect...Many of them are servants to the Namaquas, who overburden them neither with work, food or wages.
a1867 C.J. Andersson Notes of Trav. (1875) 97Some Berg Damaras whom we had captured, declared that we should find them (sc. the Namaquas) in a range of hills no great way off, and which we could distinctly see from our camp.
1902 G.M. Theal Beginning of S. Afr. Hist. 31Thus the people called Berg Damaras..are Bantu by blood, though they speak a Hottentot dialect, and resemble Bushmen in their habits.
1915 W. Eveleigh S.W. Afr. 163The Bergdamaras, who for many years inhabited the mountainous district of Western Damaraland, consitute a fascinating ethnological problem. They are Bantu by blood, Hottentot by language, and Bushmen by habit.
1928 H. Vedder in Native Tribes of S.W. Afr. 39In the old days the chief centres of the Berg Damaras were the inaccessible Auas and Erongo Mountains, the Otjair Highlands and the Brandberg. From those times dates the name !Hom-dama, Berg Damaras.
1930 I. Schapera KhoiSan Peoples 3The Bergdama, also inhabiting South-West Africa, are racially a true negro people, different in appearance from both the Bushmen and the Hottentots.
1956 A.G. McRae Hill Called Grazing 126This derelict appeared to be a Berg Damara, a tribe with hardly any tribal cohesion, who were looked upon as slave people by the Herero and other more powerful tribes.
1971 I. Goldblatt Hist. of S.W. Afr. 12The origin of the Berg Damaras is unknown. They inhabited the central and northern parts of the country, but from the earliest times, those who could not hide in the mountains had been subdued and made the slaves of the Namas.
1986 W. Steenkamp Blake’s Woman 6In Damaraland lived various black tribes: the Ovaherero, the Ovambo, the Ovahimba, the Bergdamara and others.
1988 A. Hall-Martin et al. Kaokoveld 55The Dama, also known as Damara or Bergdama, are a mysterious people whose origins and ethnic relationships are obscure. They have negroid features, but speak a Khoisan language.
A member of a negroid people of Namibia.
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