Klipkaffir, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans klip rock + kaffir; see quotation 1966.
An offensive name for a Berg Damara.
c1936 S. & E. Afr. Yr Bk & Guide 175The Bergdamaras, or Klip kaffirs, of Negroid origin, are found in all the central districts, where they dwell in families of ten to forty.
1947 M. Oldevig Sunny Land 53There were also the Dama people, living in the mountains further to the north who were capable of forging iron weapons — the Hilldamaras or Klipkaffirs of the present day.
1966 J.P. van S. Bruwer S.W. Afr.: Disputed Land 19The Dama’s only refuge was in the inaccessible regions of the arid mountains where they were ultimately discovered, living in a state of dire poverty. For this very reason they have been named Bergdama, (Mountain People), Klipkaffirs (Rock People) and Heuningkaffers (Honey People).
[1976 O. Levinson Story of Namibia 25The Hottentots call the Bergdamas Xou-Daman...When the fortunes of their Nama masters waned, they led a hazardous existence in mountain caves. For this reason they came to be termed disparagingly ‘Berg (Mountain) Damaras’, or else ‘Klip-kaffers’ (Stone Kaffirs).]
An offensive name for a Berg Damara.
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