berg, noun

unchanged, berge /ˈbɛrɡə/, or bergs.
a. A mountain or mountain range. Also attributive.
1823 W.W. Bird State of Cape of G.H. 99Others send them over the berg, or mountains.
1989 B. Godbold Autobiography. 127I longed to go up into the wall of the main berg, but the horses deserved the two days rest.
b. combinations
i. In the names of mountain peoples: see Berg Damara. See also Bergenaar, bergie sense 2. ii. In the names of fauna and flora usually of mountain origin, or displaying a preference for a mountain habitat:
berg adder /-ædə/ [Dutch, adder adder], the venomous snake Bitis atropos of the Viperidae; also attributive; cf. berg slang;
berg-aster, the shrub Lachnaea filamentosa of the Thymelaeaceae;
bergbaroe /-bəruː/ [Afrikaans, baroe see baroe], any of several species of the plant Cyphia of the Lobeliaceae, especially C. assimilis, C. bulbosa, and C. volubilis, distinguished from other varieties of Cyphia by an inedible tuber; see also baroe;
bergbas /-bas/, formerly also bergbast, [Afrikaans, bas bark (earlier South African Dutch bast)], the bark of the trees Colpoon compressum and Osyris lanceolata of the Santalaceae, used in tanning leather; one of these trees; also attributive;
berg canary, also berg-canarie, obsolete [partial translation of South African Dutch bergcanarie], any of several species of canary of the Fringillidae, especially the black-throated canary Serinus atrogularis, and the black-headed canary S. alario (blackhead sense 1 b); bergie sense 1; also called sysie (sense a);
berg cypress, the mountain cypress (see mountain), Widdringtonia nodiflora;
berggans /-xans/, plural bergganse /-xansə/ [Afrikaans, gans goose], the Egyptian goose Alopochen aegyptiacus of the Anatidae; mountain goose, see mountain;
berggansie /-xansi/ [Afrikaans, berggans + diminutive suffix -ie; see quotation 1966], an aromatic Karoo bush of the genus Pentzia (family Asteraceae); see also Karoo bush (Karoo sense 2);
berghaas obsolete [South African Dutch, haas hare], the springhaas, Pedetes capensis;
bergklapper /-klapə(r)/ [from Dutch klappen to rattle, clap] (a) the plant Tetraria secans of the Cyperaceae; (b) the plant Montinia caryophyllacea of the Montiniaceae;
berg leguaan, see leguaan;
||berglelie /-lɪəli/ [Afrikaans, lelie lily], the Knysna lily (sense b), Cyrtanthus purpureus;
berg lily, any of several species of bulbous plants bearing lily-like flowers and growing on mountain slopes, especially Galtonia candicans of the Liliaceae; Cape hyacinth, see Cape sense 2 a;
bergpruim /-prœɪm/ [Afrikaans, pruim plum], the shrub Ochna pretoriensis of the Ochnaceae;
berg roos /-ruəs/ [Afrikaans, roos rose], the shrub Protea nana of the Proteaceae;
||bergskilpad /-ˌskəlpat/ [Afrikaans, skilpad (earlier Dutch schildpad) tortoise], the tortoise Geochelone pardalis of the Testudinidae; cf. skilpad;
||berg slang /-ˈslaŋ/ [Afrikaans (from Dutch) slang snake], see quotation; cf. berg adder;
berg sprew obsolete [see sprew], see quotation;
berg swallow, berg zwaluw obsolete [South African Dutch, zwaluw swallow], the European bee-eater Merops apiaster of the Meropidae;
berg sysie, see dik-bek sysie (sysie sense b);
berg tea, also berg thee /-tiə/ [Dutch, thee tea], any of several plants used as a substitute for tea, or for medicinal purposes; see also bush tea;
berg-tiger obsolete, the tiger (sense 1), Panthera pardus;
berg wolf obsolete [Afrikaans, wolf hyaena], the spotted hyaena, Crocuta crocuta of the Hyaenidae.
1818 C.I. Latrobe Jrnl of Visit (1905) 89A wood-keeper..had lately lost his life by the bite of a Berg-adder.
1844 J. Backhouse Narr. of Visit 102The Wolf of the Cape country is the Hyena, of which two species are found in the Colony: Hyena crocuta, the spotted hyena, sometimes called Berg Wolf, Mountain Wolf,..and Hyena villosa, the Straand Wolf.
iii. In place names: see quotations.
1849 N.J. Merriman Cape Jrnls (1957) 52On Sunday I..administered the Holy Communion to about 7 persons in the little school room, just below the Didima berg.
1991 [see bush n.1 sense 2 a].
2. The Berg, occasionally also with small initial: The Drakensberg mountain range, especially those areas which are in KwaZulu-Natal. Also attributive.
1851 J.F. Churchill Diary. (Killie Campbell Africana Library MS37) 7 MaySupplied a Trader with some articles who was going over the Berg.
1990 Motorist 2nd Quarter 4They’ll be spending days traversing the ‘berg’ and spending nights in the hut in the vicinity of Mont-aux-Sources.
A mountain or mountain range. Also attributive.
see Berg Damara.
the plant Tetraria secans of the Cyperaceae;
the plant Montinia caryophyllacea of the Montiniaceae;
see quotations.
The Drakensberg mountain range, especially those areas which are in KwaZulu-Natal. Also attributive.