zone, verb transitive

EnglishShow more Special sense of general English.
proclaim. Usually passive. See also unzoned.
1966 Survey of Race Rel. 1965 (S.A.I.R.R.) 187Albertville, the Coloured suburb which was zoned for Whites in 1956.
1970 Daily Dispatch 27 Mar. 9This area, and another mainly residential, adjacent area in the North End, were zoned for White occupation.
1970 J. Packer Veronica 32God knows where we’ll be living then...Our area is zoned for white.
1971 Argus 5 June (Weekend Mag. Suppl.) 1The area had not been zoned.
1979 Indaba 24 Aug. 7Fingo village is still officially zoned Coloured.
proclaim. Usually passive.
Hence zoning verbal noun, the proclamation of an area for the exclusive use of one ethnic group.
1970 Daily News 29 MayBlack zoning has left a wake of dying ‘White’ villages.
1971 Daily Dispatch 2 Oct. 1Zoning meant an area or portion being set aside to be owned by a race group.
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