yissus, interjection

jisses, jissusShow more Also jisses, jissus, jussis, jussus, jysis, yassas, yesis, yessis, yessus, yissis.
Show more Representing the Afrikaans pronunciation of Jesus (normally pronounced /ˈjɪəsəs/) when used as an exclamation or oath.
1942 U. Krige Dream & Desert (1953) 121‘Jysis!’ Mostert whistled through his teeth. ‘I had no idea they’d collect such a packet.’
1955 D.C. Themba in J. Crwys-Williams S. Afr. Despatches (1989) 320Yessus! The Leech will never find us here.
1969 A. Fugard Boesman & Lena 38It was big! All the roads...new ways, new places. Yessus! It made me drunk.
1971 Drum Aug. 52Yessus, I’m surprised none of my children can sing.
1975 S. Roberts Outside Life’s Feast 89Bawling all night, her eyes swollen, red. Yesis, she mus’ hate me!
1977 D. Muller Whitey 100Yissis!’ Achmet Smit gave a loud cry as he tumbled from the bench to land on all fours.
1979 M. Matshoba Call Me Not a Man 71Jabu..had been the wettest blanket: ‘Yissis, sonny! What has gone wrong with you?’ he would ask.
1982 C. Hope Private Parts 9Jissus, but it’s hot.
1988 I. Steadman in Weekly Mail 9 Dec. 32Yissus, that was funny.
1993 Informant, GrahamstownJissus, Bonnie!...That’s lank rude, hey!

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