wag, verb intransitive

Also waacht, wacht.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans wag, earlier wacht to wait.
In the interjectional phrase wag 'n bietjie /ˈvax ə ˌbɪki/ [Afrikaans, see wag-’n-bietjie], wait a bit; ‘hang on’; ‘not so fast’.
1895 S. Afr. Balloons 5Some of the knowing ones said ‘Wacht en bitje’! It is not a fault of the material but a flaw in the workmanship.
1913 J.J. Doke Secret City 65‘Ach, Miss Atherstone,’ interpolated Mrs Van Renan, holding up her hand, ‘wacht een bietje! I forgot to say, of course’.
1939 M. Rorke Melina Rorke 148With fortunes to be made on food and liquor the big Dutch merchants laughed at the idea of carrying tables and chairs, beds and bureaux. ‘Waacht-een-bietjen!’ (‘Wait a little! One day when we have time!’) they would say.
[1955 D.L. Hobman Olive Schreiner 111We would say to you in the words of the wise dead President of the Free State, which have become the symbol of South Africa, Wacht een bietje, alles zal recht kom. (Wait a little, all will come right.)]
1972 Cape Times 7 Dec. 1Bilingualism in hotels: Wag ’n bietjie...The Minister..has extended..the period within which receptionists and telephonists of licensed hotels are required to show proof that they are bilingual.
1989 Sunday Times 15 Jan. 9 (advt)Stoffel slammed on brakes. ‘Wag ’n bietjie!’...He turned around. ‘This I got to check.’
, wait a bit; ‘hang on’; ‘not so fast’.

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