volkies, plural noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, volk people + -ie + plural suffix -s.
A patronizing term used collectively of ‘coloured’ farm-labourers. Cf. volk sense 2.
1949 L.G. Green In Land of Afternoon 179These old volkies think nothing of starting out at four on a winter morning to reach the lands and their ploughs at daybreak.
1964 J. Meintjes Manor House 28The volkies (Coloured families living and working on the farms) donned their Sunday-best, white trousers and finery, and..sang hymns to the lilting strains of guitars and concertinas.
1973 Argus 14 Apr. 13The veil of romantic myth which surrounds the ‘volkies,’ the picture of the sturdy-limbed peasant living healthily off the land.
1975 Cape Times 19 July 7Days he was hard at it on his plaas with crops, tractor and complications with the Volkies.
1988 A. Dangor in Staffrider Vol.7 No.3, 89Don’t any of you volkies try and do anything by yourselves, understand?..I want no more trouble on my farm.
1991 A. Van Wyk Birth of New Afrikaner 46On the big day we joined the volkies (blacks) and entered our chips with my father...The volkies came from nowhere and everywhere. They moved about in teams,..cutting wheat wherever their labour was required.
A patronizing term used collectively of ‘coloured’ farm-labourers.
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