vlam, noun

Also flam.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, literally ‘flame’.
a. blue train sense 2.
1977 Family Radio & TV 23 Jan. 19They brought out their own liquor: methylated spirits variously termed juice, mix or vlam. Of all the outies I met, only one, Willem, did not drink vlam...One bottle might kill a man who isn’t used to it.
1977 D. Muller Whitey 70He had another shot of vlam for good measure, then gave his mouth a good scouring with the toothbrush.
1977 D. Muller Whitey 108I can see you don’t remember nothing. It’s the vlam. I can smell you’ve been drinking the blue-ocean, ou pellie.
1982 Sunday Times 16 May (Mag. Sect.) 1A younger ‘outie’ joins the congregation, bearing a bottle of ‘flam’ (methylated spirits). All the ‘outies’ eagerly partake of the ‘Blue Train’...Once the ‘flam’ is speedily downed, eyes become even more red-rimmed.
b. comb. (objective)
1977 Family Radio & TV 23 Jan. 19Vlam-drinkers invite blindness as well as the severe liver and intestinal damage that afflicts alcholics.
1977 D. Muller Whitey 70A vlam-drinker exudes the distinct odour of a veteran primus stove.
blue train2.
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