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Vaderland, adjective, interjection, and noun

Also Faderland, and with small initial.
DutchShow more Dutch, ‘fatherland’.
A. adjective Obs. exc. historical. Of one of the Fatherland breeds of cattle.
1824 S. Afr. Commercial Advertiser 14 Jan. 23Waggons, Draughthorses,..Milch Cows of the Vaderland breed, and 2 fine Bulls of the same.
1975 W.F. Lye Andrew Smith’s Jrnl 1834–6 322Vaderland cattle, Term referring to the cattle brought from Europe, as distinct from the indigenous type.
B. interjection An exclamation of dismay or astonishment.
1868 W.R. Thomson Poems, Essays & Sketches 127The characteristic, seemingly meaningless expletive, ‘Vaderland’ — which I dare say most of my readers have heard uttered by the South African boer in moments of excitement.
C. noun the Vaderland: ‘the fatherland’, South Africa. See also (for) Volk and Vaderland (volk sense 3 c).
1900 F.R.M. Cleaver in M.M. Cleaver Young S. Afr. (1913) 177I had the misfortune to be compelled to retire from the lists of those still actively engaged in the defence of the Vaderland.
1976 Van Tonder in Weekend Post 15 May 4You bloody immigrant, pack your bags and go home. The Vaderland doesn’t need people like you.
Of one of the Fatherland breeds of cattle.
An exclamation of dismay or astonishment.
‘the fatherland’, South Africa.

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