Afrikander, noun and adjective

α. Africanda, AfricanderShow more Africanda, Africander, Afrikaander, Afrikander;
β. Afrikaaner, Afrikaner.
See Afrikaner.
A. noun
1. Obsolete variant of Afrikaner noun sense 2 a.
2. Obsolete except in historical contexts coloured noun sense a. Also attributive.
1823 W.W. Bird State of Cape of G.H. 73Slaves at the Cape may be divided into three classes: the Negro, the Malay, and the Africander...The last and most valuable class of slaves is the African-born slave, — the produce of an European, or of a Cape Dutchman, and of a slave girl.
1917 S.T. Plaatje Native Life 279The Natives and the Cape coloured Afrikanders were not alone in tendering loyal offers of service to the Government.
1968 E.A. Walker Hist. of Sn Afr. 84Half-castes or Afrikaners, a growing class, who were household slaves and often the confidantes of their masters and mistresses.
1986 M. Picardie in S. Gray Market Plays 93Imagine that this is the voice of the coloured people who were once themselves called Afrikaners.
3. One born in South Africa of European descent; a white inhabitant of South Africa. Also attributive.
1834 Cape of G.H. Lit. Gaz. July 103The number of matches that have taken place between the fair Africanders (the general term for natives of European descent..) and ‘Indians,’ proves that their attractions are appreciated.
1940 F.B. Young City of Gold 385The Walker joke came, at last, to the quick ears of a shrewd, scrubby man named Joe Robinson, a bankrupt Afrikander shop-keeper from the Cape.
1940 W. Adendorff in Forum 7 Sept. 3The dictionary describes Afrikaner as being a white South African.
1966 T.R.H. Davenport Afrikaner Bond 326The word Afrikaner and its variants could be used more naturally in the late nineteenth century to describe any white South African than is the case in the mid-twentieth.
4. (One of) an indigenous breed of cattle, red in colour and with large spreading horns; Cape ox, see Cape sense 2 a. Also attributive. See also Bonsmara.
1837 N. Polson Subaltern’s Sick Leave 152Cattle, both Afrikaander and vader-land or crossed, thrive generally over the whole Colony, and would be productive stock if properly managed.
1990 Weekend Post 6 Oct. (Leisure) 7A local variant of the breed known in this country as Nguni or Africander.
a1951 H.C. Bosman in L. Abrahams Unto Dust (1963) 137He’ll say that his Afrikaner cattle are in a bad way with the heart-water.
1990 Sunday Times 1 July 22The Afrikaner ox is the most recognisable beast of burden here.
5. Variant of Afrikaner noun sense 1.
6. obsolete. Afrikaans noun. Also attributive.
[1882 C.L. Norris-Newman With Boers in Tvl 2Before..the close of the last century the different languages and dialects had become less used and spoken, and a kind of Dutch patois, now termed Afrikander Dutch, was and is now in the O. F. State and Transvaal,..spoken by the inhabitants.]
1931 [see Jim Fish].
7. Either of two indigenous breeds of sheep, originally derived from the same breed but subsequently adapted to different feeding conditions: the Namaqua Afrikander (see Namaqua noun sense 2), and the Ronderib. Also attributive.
1887 A.A. Anderson 25 Yrs in Waggon I. 271When outspanned, it was taken down to the obtain milk and purchase the large Africander sheep.
1968 [see blinkhaar noun2].
1946 S. Cloete Afr. Portraits 26At the age of nine he left home with his grandfather, father, his uncles Gert and Theunis, their families, a flock of nearly thirty thousand Afrikaaner sheep and a few hundred horses and cattle.
B. adjective obs.
1. Afrikaner adjective.
1822 W.J. Burchell Trav. I. 274Their industry..excited..some jealousy and unkindness in the behaviour of their Africaander neighbours towards them.
1930 Friend 25 Aug. 14Misgivings as to the women’s franchise also exercise party adherents who condemn it as socialistic and opposed to Afrikander traditions.
2. African adjective1 sense 1 a.
1840 W. Pitt Cabin Boy 149There races, cricket matches, the swell, prime of life, bang up and Africanda societies, balls, fêtes champetres contrasted with arduous services.
1910 J. Runcie Idylls by Two Oceans 16Roger, the Africander collie, trotted gaily to the swinging strides of the rand miner.
Obsolete variant of Afrikanernoun2 a.
colourednouna. Also attributive.
One born in South Africa of European descent; a white inhabitant of South Africa. Also attributive.
(One of) an indigenous breed of cattle, red in colour and with large spreading horns; Cape ox, see Cape2 a. Also attributive.
Variant of Afrikanernoun1.
Afrikaansnoun. Also attributive.
the Namaqua AfrikanderNamaquanoun2, and the Ronderib. Also attributive.
Africanadjective1 a.

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