towenaar, noun

Also toorvenaar.
A miracle-worker; a magician. See also toor.
1924 S.G. Millin God’s Step-Children 21When it came to the more mysterious diseases, they still had greater faith in the efficacy of their own witchcraft. The Korannas, indeed, were called the Toorvenaars, or Wizards — and, in addition, many of them had taken to wife the relicts of the Bushmen they killed whenever they had the opportunity, and these, too, had brought with them a great tradition of magic.
1959 L.G. Green These Wonders 52Hendrik Spoorbek was the most famous miracle worker of Afrikaans folklore, a towenaar as they say in the country.
1973 J. Cope Alley Cat 82He was a towenaar, a keeper of magic.
1984 A. Dangor in Staffrider Vol.6 No.1, 16They spoke of it as a miracle, called him a sorcerer, a towenaar. And regarded him with awe and fear.
A miracle-worker; a magician.
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