ting, noun

Thick, sour, fermented maize-meal porridge.
1980 Rand Daily Mail 8 May (Eve) 2Huge tripods of traditional ‘ting’ (sour porridge), samp and other goodies.
1988 Mother Love June 29Cook offal in 2 litres water until nearly tender...Serve on pap, ting or rice.
1991 Black Market Report 2 Dec. 1Have you heard of chakalaka, skop and pap, mogudu, seshabo, or ting?
1991 Black Market Report 2Not all black people eat the same kind of mealie meal porridge. Ting is the Tswana word for their type of mealie meal dish which is fermented...How to make ting: ‘Take five cups mealie meal. Pour boiling water. Put aside for three days. Then you can use it.’
Thick, sour, fermented maize-meal porridge.

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